Relax and have fun with hookah bars on the go from Prosto Event!

In recent years, hookahs have gained popularity not only in Eastern countries, but also in Ukraine. And this means that there is a demand for organizing a hookah bar at events of a completely different format.

For which event are hookahs suitable for rent?

Based on the experience of organizing and holding events in Kharkov and beyond, a hookah bar for departure can complement virtually any event. There was even a wedding in our history, where we specially equipped an area with hookahs for gathering guests and for relaxing during dance breaks.

Of course, the original recreation area at a wedding in the format of a hookah bar for rent is rather an exception, but for several other event formats it is quite an excellent alternative to traditional alcoholic or non-alcoholic bars.

  • Hookah bar for corporate. Corporate events are always noisy and fun, but sometimes you want to relax and start a dialogue with a colleague to pleasant music. A hookah area for rent is an excellent solution, which is especially suitable for themed corporate parties.
  • Ordering a hookah bar for a birthday is a great idea for those whose company appreciates pleasant sensations and comfortable rest. In a smoky atmosphere, one simply cannot feel unrelaxed.
  • Hookah for a romantic date. Do you like to make original gifts for your girlfriend or are thinking about how to organize a first date - invite her to a hookah. It is not necessary to do it at home: on the roof of a high-rise building or in a clearing in the forest - we will organize everything to the highest standard!

Rental time: 5 o'clock

Included in the price:

  • Job 1 hookah
  • 3 hookahs
  • 10 types of tobacco
  • coconut coals
  • Hookah Care


  • delivery is calculated separately
  • alcohol base
  • fresh fruit hookah

Why is it better to order the service "Exit hookah" from us?

We care about all the services we provide: from the speed of delivery and transportation to the finest shades of taste and quality of hookah coals.

  • The finest and most refined tastes of tobacco for hookah, which are time-tested!
  • Natural Coconut Charcoal to give you confidence in every breath!
  • Professional hookah attendants for a visiting hookah bar are our pride. The guys definitely know a lot about the most exotic mixes and classic tastes. At a corporate party, a party or a birthday - an exit hookah will be the highlight of any program.

Prosto Event is an agency that creates an atmosphere! It is important for us that everything is harmonious at your event, so we also offer special musical accompaniment for the hookah lounge area, as well as themed decor in oriental style or the style of your holiday.

You can order this original entertainment for guests or choose any other according to your tastes on our website or during a free consultation at the office of the Pro100 Event event agency in Kharkov.

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