You don’t know what to think of to surprise the guests of the holiday or originally congratulate a loved one with his special day? Agency for the organization of non-trivial events Pro100 Event Egency offers you a unique "hot" show that will give you bright and unforgettable emotions regardless of age.

Fire show Is a bright and incendiary fire show performed by professional artists of the international level. Be prepared for this unusual gift will require a specially prepared site, as well as compliance with safety measures. After all, order a fire show in Kharkov possible without much difficulty, but only we guarantee that we will take care of all the small details that may bother you during your celebration or holiday.

For what occasions is a fire show suitable?

Use fire and pyrotechnic show as part of the entertainment program, regardless of the occasion. Fire show can be a bright point in conducting wedding banquet or the final chord in celebrating the anniversary.

You might want to add New Years corporate party sparkling show. Why not?! Especially considering the fact that the temperature outside will rise repeatedly. And here we are not only talking about the fact that the artists work with burning props. The most difficult technical acrobatic stunts and skill in the dance of fire excite the blood, making guests admire the skill of the performers.

You can also use fire show, as an original way to confess your love to a dear and important person for you. We will prepare a special romantic scenario of a fire show and create unique pictures with the help of fire.

Such recognition will melt the ice in the heart of even the most strict and restrained beauty.

Where to order a show with fire in Kharkov?

"Pro100 Event Agency" invites you to easily and simply place an application for fire show booking, cost which will surprise you, directly through our website. Leave your contacts or call the phones listed on the site in order to order a pyrotechnic show for a wedding, anniversary or corporate party.

Great advantage for you when ordering fire show Through our agency it will be possible to independently regulate the budget for the performance of artists, since it depends on the number of performers, the used props, as well as pyrotechnic decor. Our event managers will help you choose the optimal format for you original congratulations.

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