Event agency in Kharkov "Pro100 Event Agency" Is a company for the integrated organization and support of celebrations. We will prepare a dream holiday for you, taking care of the smallest details. You will be able to relax and simply enjoy the high level event services.

One of our directions is preparation of surprises and gifts whatever the occasion. And among these services, an honorable place is taken by sand animation.

Virtually any holiday can be complemented sand showwhich is becoming more and more popular. One of the main reasons for this is that this  non-standard gift can be fully adapted to your occasion and your tasks. The whole Universe is growing and transforming before your eyes!

Why sand animation?

A feature of this original gift there is the fact that together with the artist you can write your own special story. It doesn't matter whether it's a story about your acquaintance or about the life of a hero of the day, or maybe the brightest moments and hobbies of your child. The script can be anything you like. Drawings in the sand smoothly transform and flow from one to another, creating a unique impression.

If you want to make a unique giftthat touches to the depths of the soul - then sand animation will help you surprise your guests!

But you can not only order sand animation for the event, but also to take a short training course, which will give you the opportunity, alone or together with a master, to surprise and delight all your loved ones and acquaintances with a story written in sand. You can tell a touching, funny or cute story with your own hands. After all, not everything can sometimes be expressed in words.

Sand animation training - the process is complex, but very exciting. You can prepare such a gift with your child for your spouse.

If you need an additional screenwriter or perhaps you want to add something extraordinary to the standard program? We will help you to realize any ideas.

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