Show "Mirror People"

Mirrors have always been associated with something magical and mystical. Now imagine hundreds of small mirrors moving to the beat of the music. How they sparkle! How effectively they reflect the world! Have you presented? Then the show Mirror People in Kharkov is at your service.

What are Mirror People?

This is a unique show in the Pro100 Event Agency portfolio, combining the talent of animators and the magic of mirrors. The performers wear elaborate costumes made from mirror fragments of various shapes. Suits are for women (lush dresses with long skirts) and men (exquisite tailcoats, bowlers and trousers). Despite such unusual material, mirrored people at the holiday move freely, dance and pose with pleasure in photo zones. When daylight or artificial light hits the costume, it shines like a disco ball! Even adults rejoice like children when they watch the show Mirror People at the party.

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Animators are mirror people - where to order?

If you are looking for the Mirror People animation program, Pro100 Event Agency will send the best artists to your celebration. Their functions include: meeting guests, taking photos with everyone, staged dance or acting as mimes.

Mirror animators work at the party for about an hour (you can extend the work of the artists for an additional fee). During this time, they manage to give guests an unforgettable experience and a feast for the eyes. Music, dancing, clinking glasses and a mirror show are all you need for a cool party!

Mirror show in Kharkov.

Where are mirror animators invited? The show looks most effective in a nightclub and in any room with dim lights, so it is often ordered for bachelor parties, hen parties, birthdays and club parties. Mirror people are invited to presentations, restaurant events, corporate parties and even weddings. Guests are happy to communicate and take pictures with them in anticipation of the main show program.

To order a mirror show in Kharkov, contact Pro100 Event Agency. We will provide artists for any party!

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