Women's Freak Show for the Holiday.

Dancers in shining outfits move rhythmically to the club music, attracting admiring glances. Refined choreography, perfect plasticity, crazy energy! Do you want a female dance show at your party? Pro100 Event Agency organizes everything!

Why is it worth ordering a female freak show?

Dancing girls do not surprise anyone, so we relied on the show and outrageous costumes. Talented artists can transform into any image: from Maleficent to Santa Muerte, from the lady of the fire to a guest from the future. For one event, dancers for a holiday in Kharkov change their outfits several times, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off! They are passionate, mysterious and inimitable!

Pro100 Event Agency often book women's freak shows for bachelor parties, birthday parties and club parties. The girls do not just decorate the holiday: they melt the ice between the guests, urge them not to be shy and show themselves on the dance floor.

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Where to order a female freak show?

For more than 5 years we have been working with artists of different genres. Our portfolio includes a huge number of talented dancers who work in freak show, Pj show and GO-GO formats. We will show you ready-made images of girls or make new costumes for the theme of your party. After that, we will agree on how the dancers will work for the holiday: we will discuss the number of exits and images, as well as at what locations they will be used.

Freak show dancers not only perform on stage: they play the role of animators, meet guests, and also work in photo zones. They are often used at presentations of new products, such as cars. Beautiful girls next to your product is the best advertisement!

Dance freak show in Kharkov

Sewing crazy costumes? No problems! Put on a dance show on a big stage? No problem! Organize a club party and invite the best dancers of Kharkov? With pleasure! The Pro100 Event Agency team will put on a spectacular freak show for the holiday. Share your craziest ideas with us, and we'll find a way to make them come true!

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