Our team is always on the lookout for cool entertainment and attractions. Recently we presented a novelty - a color paper show in Kharkov, which immediately gathered thousands of pleasant reviews. Dancing in the sea of colored paper, people return to childhood for a few minutes and have fun from the heart. And we will be happy to organize a show for you!

How is the color paper show going?

Just imagine: the disco is in full swing, the DJ puts on his favorite hits one after another, everyone is dancing and enjoying the moment. Suddenly, kilograms of shiny colored paper fall on the dance floor - soft as a cloud and colorful as a rainbow! The guests are jubilant, begin to take pictures and shoot a video. And then they say the color paper show was the best moment of the party.

Where to order a paper show in Kharkov?

The Pro100 Event Agency team knows everything about festive events. Tell us briefly about your party - and we will tell you how many kilograms of paper you need to be completely happy. We have developed several packages so that everyone could order a color paper show for a holiday. For example, a standard package includes 10 kg of paper, a super-powerful cannon and an animator to operate it. And in the maximum package everything is the same + 6 kg of confetti, a smoke generator, a stroboscope and 30 kg of paper. Choose a suitable offer, and we will help you organize a party in Kharkov with a paper waterfall.

Show Packages and Cost

3500 UAH
30 minutes
  • 10 kg. color special film
  • Super Power Cannon 950W
  • Costume animator +
    LED glasses gun control
  • Surface cleaning
4100 UAH
60 minutes
  • 20 kg of color special film
  • 4 kg. Confetti
  • Super Power Cannon (950w)
  • Dynamic Confetti Cannon
  • Costume animator +
    LED glasses gun control
  • Surface cleaning
5500 UAH
60 minutes
  • 30 kg of color special film
  • 6 kg. Confetti
  • Super Power Cannon (950w)
  • Lighting devices
  • Animator in LED glasses
    LED gun controller
  • Surface cleaning

Turnkey Paper Show

Cooperation with us corresponds to the name of the agency. It's simple: you order a paper show, and we bring everything you need to the party: a gun, paper, an animator, and then quickly remove the paper consequences. In addition to the show, you can order a presenter for a holiday, a DJ, musicians and any artists. We'll bring at least Verka Serduchka, even Madonna! And most importantly, a color paper show is inexpensive, and there will be enough positive emotions from it for a year in advance.

Order a paper show for a corporate party, children's party, birthday or wedding. It will brighten up any event!

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