Your baby birthday in summer? Wonderful! There are many more outdoor scenarios during the hot season. The most popular one is Children's birthday in the pool.

How to arrange a pool party for a child:

  1. Location - There are many summer establishments with swimming pools in Kharkov and the region. We will offer several options, and you will choose the most convenient and accessible location.
  1. Animators - You need to constantly look after the kids in the pool, but parents also want to relax. What to do? Invite funny animators! They will be with the kids all the time, while the adults are sunbathing and celebrating.
  1. Entertainment - Birthday in the pool involves active games and contests. The animators will come with balls, air mattresses and circles. The smallest will be given vests and oversleeves. Children will be happy to play water sports, learn to dive and swim under the guidance of animators. All the festive action will be accompanied by cheerful music. If you want, we will invite a professional DJ to the beach party.
  1. Treats - The best treats for a hot day will be seasonal fruits and berries, juices and colorful cocktails. At the end of the party, you can take out directly to the pool birthday cake with candles.
  1. Decor and photo zone - Beach children's party with artificial palms, flower wreaths, inflatable circles in the form of flamingos and ducks will conquer adults and children. We will decorate the area for the photo shoot and kendybara, fill the pool with balloons - turn an ordinary pool into a colorful Hawaiian coast!

A child's birthday at the pool is the best idea for the summer!

Pro100 Event Agency spends every summer beach kids pool parties... Music, splashes, sincere laughter - how the kids rejoice, splashing in pleasant water! For children of different ages, we will prescribe an individual scenario, we will approve each stage of the celebration with you, so that children's party near the pool in Kharkov was filled with only joyful emotions.

Don't miss the chance to take advantage of the summer weather and give your child an amazing pool party!


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