Happiness in children's eyes is the best reward for parents. With Pro100 Event Agency your little one will shine with joy! We organize a brilliant Child's birthdaybased on his interests. Pro100 Event Agency can recreate your favorite fairy tale or cartoon, bring magic characters to life and arrange holiday with any theme. Our imagination is as limitless as a child's!

Entrust the holiday for children to professionals!

You have no idea how much effort it takes to organize a celebration! Decide on a theme, find animators and a photographer, organize a table, rent a room or spend everything at home, and then clean up the consequences of the holiday for a week ... At the same time, you will not be completely sure that children's holiday will be successful. 

Why risk, be nervous and waste time? We will do everything for you! In the creative arsenal of Pro100 Event Agency:

  • the most professional and trusted children's animators;
  • large database of diverse artists (clowns, dancers, memes, vocalists, gymnasts etc.);
  • non-standard kids themed birthday ideas;
  • photographers and operators, which will help to leave the memory of the celebration;
  • creative decorators.

We work as a single organism, therefore children's party It will go according to plan and without any unpleasant surprises.

Thematic Children's Birthday Party from Pro100 Event Agency:

  1. Party with a master class - Cooking, jewelry making, soap making, wood painting, pottery - in the process of exciting master classes, the birthday boy and his friends will learn a lot of interesting things and gain useful skills.
  1. Holiday based on movies, fairy tales and cartoons — "Star Wars", "Transformers", "Peppa Pig", "Alice in Wonderland", "Catwoman", "Harry Potter" — our talented animators will transform into any character.
  1. Costume parties - Hawaii, Hollywood, "R'n'B" other themed birthdays for children It's always fun and creative! Children will receive not only a lot of fun, but also bright photos.
  1. Parties in the party-bass — For older children we offer children's birthday celebration in a cheerful party bass. The trip will be accompanied by contests, music and entertainment.
  1. Quests - Solve interesting puzzles and puzzles, be smart and feel like a real detective - birthday quest for kids will be an unforgettable adventure!
  1. Active and sports parties — If your child loves outdoor games, we recommend ordering children's holiday with the game paintball, laser tag or football party.

And this is only a small part of all the ideas that Pro100 Event Agency has! We know how to make a child happy!

Organization of children's birthday for our team, this is not work, but boundless creativity. We will also take relaxing family holiday, and for large-scale shows with a large number of artists.

Extensive experience allows us to provide holding children's parties in Kharkov at the highest level. We know suitable locations and cooperate with reliable contractors. And if you dream give your child a fabulous daywhich he will remember for the rest of his life agency of children's holidays Pro100 Event Agency fulfill your dream!

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