Children are little stars who surprise their parents every day with artistry and imagination. If you have a creative child, we suggest holding children's birthday called "Star Factory". The kid will feel like a celebrity, demonstrate his skills and have fun with his friends and team Pro100 Event Agency.

Star Party Ingredients:

  1. Scenario - Writing the script will begin with getting to know the child. If he likes to sing, you can set up a stage and arrange karaoke battle! If dancing, you can invite a choreographer and organize dance master class. We will take into account all the wishes of the birthday man, because this is his finest hour!
  1. Place — Depending on the number of children, the theme of the party and the budget, we will offer several locations. Similar children's party does not require a special place. A restaurant, a party bass, an ordinary apartment or a private house will do.
  1. Decor — Balloons, garlands, photographs of the birthday boy stylized as posters or calendars with stars, an impromptu scene — we will come up with an unusual decor that will emphasize the theme of the party. For beautiful photos and videos, we will arrange a spectacular photo zone and bring props. We will also take care of the original invitations.
  1. Artists - Cheerful and talented animators will help children to unleash their creative potential, thanks to vocal and dance competitions. We can also invite professional vocalists, dancers, artists and other artists to transform children's birthday in Kharkov to a real concert.
  1. Treats — Cookies in the form of stars, cupcakes with favorite characters of the birthday boy, a birthday cake of any design — we will decorate candy baraccording to the wishes of the child.

Pro100 Event Agency lights up the stars!

Our children's party agency more than 5 years gives joy to children, their friends and their parents. We can easily arrange concert-style partyso that each child goes on stage and proves himself, and the birthday boy bathes in applause and camera flashes.


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