Modern princesses love fairies! They are kind, friendly, ready to always come to the rescue and break the spell of evil sorcerers. Children's Birthday on the plot of the megapopular cartoon Fairies Winx - the best gift for your daughter and her girlfriends.

Winx fairies for children's party

Which of the fairies does your baby love the most? Be sure to find out and tell us. We will transfer information to magic animators - and they will instantly transform into characters of a popular cartoon, develop an interactive game program specifically for the birthday girl. Fairies will fly to a banquet hall, apartment or kindergarten for a holiday. Just imagine the reaction of the kids when the sorceresses appear at the celebration!

Winx Fairies love to sing, dance and have fun. If you decide order a birthday for a child with these characters, be sure: everyone will have fun! The animators will prepare contests and sketches for children of different ages, prepare gifts for the birthday girl and her friends, and also entertain the little ones while the adults communicate and raise their glasses. For older children fairies animators arrange a quest: you will need to go through a series of tests and solve puzzles in order to overcome the "dirty tricks" of the evil sorceress. And when good triumphs over evil, all participants will receive prizes.

Where to order a children's birthday in Kharkov

Regular customers Pro100 Event Agency more than once ordered Fairy Winx for the holidays and advised us to their friends. Our animators are very responsible, artistic and attentive. They quickly become the kids' best friends and always know how to rekindle the team spirit.

Besides animators, Birthday can be supplemented with face painting to turn all girls into fairies. We will also beautifully decorate the hall, decorate it with stars, balls and sparkles. And, of course, they will bring out a birthday cake, congratulate the birthday girl and throw fairy pollen into the sky so that all wishes come true.

Children's party with the Winx Fairies - this is a magical action that your daughter will remember all her life! We will do our best to make your child believe in miracles and feel the happiest in birthday!


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