The older the child gets, the harder it is to surprise him. But Pro100 Event Agency knows how to arrange a fun and active birthday party for children. Laser tag and paintball - these popular games will change your idea of celebration!

         How is the holiday going?

         So you've decided order a children's party in an active game format. AT children's paintball both boys and girls enjoy playing. laser tag no less exciting game, but the "weapon" does not shoot balls with paint, but infrared rays. Both options provide an opportunity to feel like on the battlefield, demonstrate leadership qualities and team spirit. Kids will run, jump, strategize and compete with each other. Agree, this is much more fun and useful than a standard children's holiday in the sweet table format.

         While the children are playing, they will be photographed and filmed. And after the battle, you can organize a picnic to celebrate the victory and eat a birthday cake in honor of the birthday man.

5 reasons to order a laser tag or paintball:

  1. Active pastime Do you scold your child for spending a lot of time with gadgets? Give him unforgettable emotions while playing laser tag or paintball! Active children's birthday celebration outdoors, and even in the company of best friends - a great gift!
  1. Turnkey holiday — You do not have to look for paintball clubs, rent equipment and deal with organizational issues. Pro100 Event Agency will do everything for you! Just tell us how many people will be in the team and which game is preferable, and we will take care of the rest.
  1. Everyone will have fun — Laser tag and paintball will appeal to children of all ages and even adults. Nobody will be bored!
  1. Memory for life - Children will put on equipment, receive a “weapon” and a task, like real special agents. Just imagine how delighted they will be! After the fight, all participants will be awarded medals and diplomas, and the winning team will be awarded a cup.
  1. Non-standard gift - The birthday boy and his friends are waiting for adventures and sincere emotions that the child will remember even in adulthood.

         Children's Birthday in the format of a laser tag or paintball - the best gift for a child. Trust his organization Pro100 Event Agency!


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