Your daughter is growing up, and every year it is more and more difficult to invent birthday ideas. But Pro100 Event Agency ideas never end! Let's arrange pajama party for baby and her friends!

Pajama Party for Children's Birthday

This plot is easy to perform and not expensive. A party can be held even at home, but, you see, not everyone lives in large apartments and houses where you can invite many children. We will help you choose the right place where the little ones can play, dance, watch movies and eat cake.

Organize a pajama party in Kharkov you can in the children's room of a cafe or restaurant. While the adults are eating and raising their glasses, the children will “go to hell”! The animator will come up with an interesting program and funny contests with gifts. And the party will end with a tea party with sweets and a birthday cake with candles.

What you need for a pajama party:

  1. dress code - Homemade shorts and T-shirts, cozy pajamas, slippers and socks - clothes should be comfortable and at the same time colorful to make beautiful photos.
  1. Location and decor — Mandatory pajama party props - pillows, blankets, blankets or sleeping bags. You can use an inflatable or water mattress: the kids will jump on it with pleasure. Shiny or luminous stars and crescents, balls, serpentine are suitable from the decor.
  1. Scenario - Without a well-thought-out "program" pajama party for kids will be ordinary, so you need to come up with interesting activities. For example, braiding, manicure, culinary or creative workshop, dance competition, board games, watching a cartoon. Girls will be happy to do needlework, for example, creating bracelets.
  1. Photo zone and photographer — Pajama party for kids - a bright event that must be captured! This is an occasion to take cool emotional photos while the girls are jumping on the mattress or making something.
  1. Sweet Table - Pajama Party Menu usually includes cocoa, tea, juices or milkshakes, fruit, pretty cakes, sweets, and a birthday cake.

Want to organize a pajama party in Kharkov? Trust Pro100 Event Agency! See our portfolio and call soon!


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