Who loves to run, jump and fight with pillows the most? Of course, kids! We offer order a foam show for a children's birthday. You can’t even imagine how fun and cool it is to “swim” in the sea of soft multi-colored cubes!

How is the foam show

We bring to children's holiday in Kharkov several dozen colored cubes of soft foam rubber. Together with the animator, the guys will build walls, houses, arrange dances and photo shoots in the foam "kingdom". You can arrange fights without rules with cubes and jump on them. It is absolutely safe and non-traumatic. Foam rubber is well springy, it is light and environmentally friendly.

foam games pass under cheerful music, with songs and dances. From the cubes you can lay out words, for example, the name of the birthday man and congratulations. On their background, colorful photographs are obtained, which allows you to save on the photo zone. Also, for a photo shoot, you can use special props: mustaches, lips, noses, wigs and other little things made of foam rubber.

Foam show in Kharkov

For over 5 years we have been foam show for kids. The program is designed for 30 minutes, but it can be extended and supplemented at your request. It includes cubes, animation work and entertainment, which we will approve in advance. You can order only the show or the organization of the whole holiday. If you choose the second option, then we take care of finding a location, decor, a banquet or a candy bar, a birthday cake and a show program with a disco. In portfolio Pro100 Event Agency a host of additional services, including fireworks, light shows, confetti, Chinese lanterns and other festive elements.

Foam show for children will give an unforgettable experience and a surge of endorphins. You will watch from the side how the kids frolic among the cubes, laugh and feel really happy. Isn't that the most valuable thing for parents?

To book a foam showcontact us by phone. The administrator will tell you all the details, name the cost and write down the date you need. The birthday boy will be delighted!


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