Why do we want to return to childhood so much? Because at that time our imagination was limitless! We sincerely believed in magic and fairy tales, played magicians and dreamed of miracles. If you have become parents and want to arrange an unforgettable children's birthday, we offer a unique scenario - School of Wizardry.

Magic Children's Birthday

Waiting for a birthday boy and little guests harry potter party. From the very entrance, children will be involved in fantastic adventures organized by our animators and decorators. Dumbledore, Hermione, Harry and other cult characters will begin a lesson in magic, but before that, each "student" will be assigned to one of the faculties of Hogwarts with the help of a hat.

At the school of magic children will learn how to prepare a magic potion and make speaking letters, understand the language of animals and play Quidditch, as well as learn spells that will help overcome any dark forces. For older kids you can organize a quest for a children's birthday. For example, arrange a treasure hunt on a magic map using the tips of a wise owl.

The finale of the party will be the removal of the birthday cake. Harry Potter personally congratulate the birthday man and give him a powerful magic wand.

3 reasons to order a child's birthday - School of Magic from Pro100 Event Agency:

  1. Fun scenarios for all ages - We will come up with a program for kids who simply believe in miracles, and for fans Harry Potterwho know all the series by heart.
  1. Let's put on a costume show - To create an atmosphere Hogwarts, our animators will transform into the main characters of the film. For children, we will prepare raincoats and hats, like real young wizards.
  1. Let's take over the organization “We want the adults to relax and the kids to have fun. Trust Child's birthday us — and we will find contractors (decorators, a photographer, confectioners, artists, etc.), arrange a location and a photo zone, and order a banquet.

Faith in miracles is one of the most adorable features of childhood. We arrange for your child magical holiday, which he will remember all his life with warmth in his soul!


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