Kids and teens love superheroes! The boys play Batman and Spider-Man, and the girls imagine themselves as a brave Superwoman. If your daughter is growing up, we suggest celebrate children's birthday in the style of the heroine of comics and movies - Catwoman. Pro100 Event Agency is in a hurry to share creative ideas!

How to have a superhero party

To themed children's birthday succeeded, funny and professional animators are needed. Just imagine how happy the birthday girl will be if she herself Catwoman will hand over a birthday cake, and her friend, Superman, will run contests and quizzes! Our animators skillfully get used to the characters and quickly find a common language with the children. They will come up with a lot of entertainment: dance contests, quests and other activities. Catwoman will show the birthday girl "super-tricks" and teach how to defend herself from robbers.

Another essential element is themed decor. Decorators will decorate the hall and the festive table, decorate a photo zone and a candy bar. We will provide the kids with props for a photo shoot, and the artist will make face painting to turn the little guests into superheroes.

5 reasons to invite Pro100 Event Agency:

  1. We carry out holding children's parties in Kharkov on a turnkey basis.
  2. Our staff includes only experienced animators and artists who know how to work with children.
  3. We will write unique scenario, starting from the age and wishes of the birthday person.
  4. Any children's partyorganized by Pro100 Event Agency, will pass smoothly and without unpleasant surprises.
  5. Our Catwoman indistinguishable from a real comic book heroine!

Pro100 Event Agency organizes a fun and active Child's birthday in the style of Catwoman. Even adults will not be bored!


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