Children's holidays are hard to imagine without music, dancing, cheerful animators and the "king of the party" - a birthday cake. You can also include in the program show for children's birthday in Kharkov. In portfolio Pro100 Event Agency There is entertainment for children of all ages: from toddlers to schoolchildren and teenagers.

Children's shows in Kharkov for a bright holiday

Taming electricity, taming lightning, making liquid from oxygen, turning flowers into ice - these and many other wonders await kids on "Newton show". Not boring chemistry and physics will appeal to schoolchildren: they will gain important knowledge in a playful way. Under the guidance of cheerful scientists, children will experiment with liquid nitrogen, electricity, dry ice and various devices.

Just imagine the emotions of the child when he finds himself inside a meter ball on "Soap bubbles show"! It's perfect show for little kidswho will be happy to play with huge rainbow bubbles. The kids will also likePaper show". Rain of silver or colored paper is mesmerizing! Under it you want to jump, spin and enjoy life! This is a favorite children's party show at our clients.

Sand animation - an amazing creative show. With beautiful music in front of your eyes, the artist will create sand paintings. Every child will be able to try their hand at creating this beauty.

Laserman - cool shows for children and teenagers. An artist with laser light will show a fantastic performance. The rays will move to the music, dance, create bizarre patterns and silhouettes.

Another win-win option for the holiday is a professional magician with a magic wand. Together with him, little guests will go to wonderland. It's affordable and interesting show for children in Kharkov.

Pro100 Event Agency knows everything about children's shows

For 5 years of work, we have become leaders in the field holding children's shows in Kharkov. We cooperate with talented and reliable artists who will not be late and will not spoil the holiday. We will help organize fantastic show for your child!

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