You won't have time to look back, but New Year already on the nose! Who of the employees behaved well, that awaits invitation to the New Year's corporate party from Pro100 Event Agency! On this long-awaited day, you can finally breathe out after working days of 365 days, take stock of the company's performance and reward the best employees. All you need is literate scenario of a New Year's corporate party, cool location and professional artists. We know how to arrange a party that will make noise in the whole city!

How to arrange an unforgettable corporate New Year:

  1. Decide on the format - Quest, concert, team building, movie party, disco, elegant buffet - we will help you choose the format most suitable for your company and the number of employees. If you like active rest, you can spend merry winter corporate in the format of competitions on snowmobiles, sledding, ATVs or snowboards. At your request, we can even organize a climb to a mountain peak or a flight to the islands!
  1. Select location - For organizing a New Year's event more often choose nightclubs, restaurants and banquet halls... We propose to expand the options for locations and add to the list recreation centers in nature, cottages outside the city, hotels, patibases and limousines... And if you want to save money at this stage, we can hold a corporate event even in your office.
  1. Make a program - The key to an interesting program is attention to each employee. To take into account the interests of all members of the team, we break the holiday into thematic zones with different activities. Some will be interested in creative workshopsothers will participate in fun contests, the third will just relax or take pictures in photo zones.
  1. Invite an experienced host — Organization of a corporate new year - this is a responsible job for the leader. Its main task is to erase the boundaries between managers and subordinates, to unite representatives of different departments. Competent presenter for a New Year's corporate party will be able to tune everyone present to a positive wave, help to relax and feel comfortable.
  1. Registration of a New Year's corporate party - At the holiday, everyone will want to be photographed, shoot a video and record a story for Instagram. Therefore, everything around should be colorful and beautiful. Our decorators will decorate a New Year's corporate party in Kharkov according to the latest trends: original photo zones, branded balloons, table setting, fresh flowers.
  1. Show program — Holding a corporate party for the New Year it is impossible to imagine without dancing, music and fantastic disco! Pro100 Event Agency - the main "suppliers" of talented singers, musicians, magicians, DJs and other artists of the original genre. We know everything about organization of New Year's corporate parties and banquets, so we quickly determine which show you need.

Corporate holiday trends 2018/2019

From year to year organization and holding of a corporate new year becomes more creative and unpredictable. Modern companies want to follow trends and differentiate themselves favorably from competitors, even in scale new year holidays... Corporate events in hot countries, concerts of top stars, Oscar-format parties, unusual locations such as a rooftop or an abandoned factory - each customer has its own needs and capabilities. We can order a New Year's corporate party in Kharkov or Kiev any level. We will adjust to your budget and implement the most daring ideas.

One of the main trends this year is team building. It is important for customers that corporate party for the new year became not just entertainment, but emphasized the importance of each employee and inspired a high result. We will focus on both the form and the idea. No templates! Only an individual approach!

New Year's corporate party in Kharkov and Kiev "turnkey"

Recommended in advance order a New Year's corporate holidayto have a selection of the best locations and artists at your disposal. For our part, we guarantee conscientious contractors, responsible artists and a show program, after which your employees will return to work with inspiration!

Want to organize a New Year's corporate party in Kharkov or Kiev? Call in Pro100 Event Agency! We will not let you down!

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