Organization of events for large companies requires experience. You need to come up with a dynamic scenario, find contractors and coordinate their work, invite artists and come up with a topic that will be of interest to every guest. Pro100 Event Agency knows how to unite a team and arrange a holiday, both for a small company and for a large corporation.

The conference - a large-scale event designed for tens or even hundreds of people. It is necessary to choose a hall with a stage, comfortable seating and good equipment for speakers and presentations. Pro100 Event Agency - experienced conference organizer, who knows how to competently distribute duties and coordinate the work of all contractors. Organization of seminars is also part of our field of activity. We are looking for a suitable site, we can organize catering, meeting and settlement of participants... Also, our team will undertake the preparation of printed materials: brand wall, souvenirs, business cards, and so on. Rest assured: organization of conferences and seminars will be held at a high level!

Leaders of small firms and large companies strive to regularly conduct corporate events for team building. Every employee should feel valuable and irreplaceable. And we know how organize the perfect corporate party!

What is he doing corporate events agency? We come up with a theme for a party, if you don't have your own, we are looking for a site, we write a script with activities, contests and a show program, we find artists and contractors. Experienced corporate event organizer builds the program so that every guest is involved in it.

For 5 years of work, we have held a large number of similar events with different budgets. Good corporate party is based on an original idea and a friendly atmosphere. And we know how to come up with such scenarios in which the boundaries between managers and subordinates are washed away. We know that organization of a corporate event Is a complex multicomponent process. But our experience will allow you to accept any challenge!

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To achieve high results, each company must arrange at least a couple of times a year team buildingaimed at improving the efficiency of the entire team. During team building employees get to know each other better, find a common language with the leader and management team. It is also a great way of mental and emotional relief.

To organize team building, you need to contact Pro100 Event Agency... We will offer several scenarios for team building... Creative activities are popular, for example, collective creation of a picture or staging of a play. Favorite corporate team building many companies - in a sporty style. It is possible to organize outdoor volleyball competitions, races, board games championships. Conducting team building in the quest format Is also an interesting option. Solving riddles, completing interesting tasks, employees will definitely forget about the competition! Different team building options will allow each firm to find a suitable scenario for their team.

Physical activity - the best relaxation for the brain! we we organize corporate sports events and give the opportunity to office workers to break away from the soul! Bowling, football tournament, volleyball, boxing - choose the direction, and we will organize and even conduct preliminary trainings.

Corporate competition Is a healthy lifestyle, emotional relief and a source of energy for productive work and new achievements. After such events, employees return to their jobs in good spirits and significantly improve their performance. we we organize sports events within the company and between branches.

Pro100 Event Agency - leader in holding corporate events in Kharkov... We will be glad to work with your team!

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