Ride with the breeze through your favorite city in a limousine? Catch the admiring glances of passers-by? Afford yourself a ride in a premium car? Take photos in a mega hummer?

Does it sound unrealistic? Nothing is impossible if the best event organization and support agency “Pro100 Event Agency” takes over. We offer you an unusual way to make your everyday life bright and colorful, and a holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Suitable for what occasions limousine rental in Kharkov? We have a variety of offers regardless of weather conditions and seasons

Rent a limousine for a wedding

Previously, brides dreamed of a prince on a white horse. And now? And now, of course, on the prince in a white limousine. Rent a wedding limousine is an opportunity to make your wedding celebration a little more colorful. Besides, wedding limousine - it is comfortable.

Remember how many times on a wedding day a bride in a wedding dress gets into the car? Agree, in the spacious interior of a limousine, young people will feel much more relaxed. Our decorators at your request can help with wedding limousine decor. And then, be sure that you can not avoid that same “wow effect”.

Rent a limousine for graduation

Most events can be organized several times in a lifetime: a birthday, an anniversary, a New Year's corporate party or even a wedding - all this is repeated. But graduation, graduation - this is something that happens exactly once in a lifetime.

Order a limousine for graduation in Kharkov – it means to make this evening special for graduates. Can be held photo session with a limousine or organize the shooting of a whole clip. Also limousine can deliver graduates for awards to school or a holiday to a restaurant. Such an odious appearance of graduates will definitely remain in the memory of all guests for a long time.

Order a limousine for a birthday celebration

Another good occasion luxury car for holiday rental - Birthday. You can beat the appearance of a birthday man or a birthday girl at a holiday, or take a ride in a limousine a full part of the show program. After all, all luxury cars are equipped with good sound equipment, which will allow you to have fun on the road.

A large company can freely accommodate in a spacious cabin. Some cars are also equipped with lighting equipment, so you can even have a party on wheels.

Book a limousine best of all a month or two before the planned date. Limousine rental price depends on the model of the chosen car.

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