Whatever one may say, but modern women can no longer be surprised with a banal bouquet. Let it be even a huge bunch of roses - in the days of Instagram and other social networks, everyone has long seen what bouquets, birthday gifts and original postcards can be. The agency "Pro100 Event Agency" offers you an original gift for a girl, girl or woman - regardless of age - which can definitely surprise and give vivid emotions.

A bear of roses is a new format for an unusual congratulation, which is suitable for virtually any occasion. The toys are handmade from hypoallergenic materials, which means that your birthday present will not only be unique, but also completely harmless.

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    DO NOT CHINA! We have our own production
    Each bear is hand-picked by professional florists


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    Class quality - PREMIUM
    Quality work and the best materials


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    Free gift wrapping
    To every bear!


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    Dispatch on the day of order
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What are the original bears made from roses?

These incredibly beautiful products very much resemble toys made of natural flowers, but in fact they are made of foamiran roses. This material resembles soft suede in structure and if heated it becomes soft and pliable. Using this property, our craftsmen can easily make bears from roses to order of the desired size, color and even shape.

The advantage of this material over real flowers is, first of all, durability. An original gift from foamiran will survive any weather conditions and will not wither during transportation. Up to 3 years old, a bear of roses, the price of which will be no more than the cost of a real living bouquet, will delight the eyes of your girlfriend or sister.

What is the advantage of such an original gift?

  • First, you are guaranteed a wow effect. This way of congratulating us has not yet gained widespread popularity, so hurry up to become the first who can surprise with such a gift.
  • Secondly, it is always exclusive. Our experts will make a unique gift for you in honor of your birthday, March 8 or the holiday of lovers. We will select the colors and sizes of this surprise for the holiday and, moreover, for each item - a free gift wrap. Your gift will be remembered and will bring unforgettable emotions.
  • Thirdly, it is actually a universal surprise for a daughter, girlfriend, girlfriend or mother. Regardless of their age, women will be happy to see a bear made of roses - this is a rarity in Kharkov.
  • Fourth, he does not need special care or maintenance. A bear made of foamiran roses will retain a pleasant appearance for a long time and delight the eyes of its owner.

If you still doubt what to give to your beloved woman is no longer worth it. The rose bear will definitely solve your problem. At least one of the holidays for sure. And if you have already made such an original gift or want to surprise your darling even more, contact us and the agency for organizing original actions and selecting original gifts will find a solution to your problem.

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