Universal gift for everyone who loves vivid extreme experiences.

Event agency in Kharkov invites you to implement helicopter flight.

If you are looking for a gift for your beloved husband or want to surprise your girlfriend, make helicopter flight - an original gift-act for any occasion.

How is a helicopter flight going, Kharkiv

We can offer you both helicopter flight with the pilot, and in the company of a soul mate or friends. We will select for you a model of a helicopter for your specific request and organize the ascent to a bird's-eye view with high quality and at a reasonable price.

Climb to the sky on your own Birthday, in honor of Valentine's Day or at anniversary of relationship - you will remember this holiday for a lifetime.

You can also order a pilot training day For a present. Spend a day at the flight school, learn the intricacies of the flight device, and even take the helm in your hands yourself. Isn't this the best surprise for those who have dreamed of the sky since childhood?

Safe Helicopter Flight Simulation

If you just want to try your hand, "Pro100 Event Agency»Invites you to visit flight simulator... An airplane simulator is an opportunity to experience all the sensations that a pilot gets during a real ascent into the air.

You can choose one of 1000 airports over which your trip will take place. In the cockpit flight simulator the full panorama of the place that you choose to make your flying dream come true has been recreated. Feature of flight on an airplane simulator lies in the fact that such a certificate can be presented to both an adult and a child. Agree, original baby gift idea?

Helicopter flight in Kharkov - this is an original gift for those who are fond of photography and video shooting. After all, imagine what kind of footage you can get when flying over your hometown? If you do not want to waste time on this and prefer just to enjoy the view of the city, you can order a photographer or videographer. He will rise with you and capture the most "juicy" moments of your adventure!

In order to get acquainted with suggestions for organizing helicopter flightsand also learn the cost of a helicopter flight in Kharkov, contact our phone managers on the site!

We wish you bright emotions, original actions and unforgettable holidays!

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