Do you dream of giving your loved one a special evening? Romantic candlelight dinner - exactly what you would like ... but there is only one "but" - you do not know how to cook at all? Or just don't want to waste time standing at the stove, but rather devote it to preparing for the event with great pleasure?

Our event agency offers you a simple and sophisticated solution - onsite chef!

Experienced chef will prepare a delicious dinner for you, which will be still hot when you light candles and sit down at the table. You can prepare a menu of any complexity and any cuisine, and "Pro100 Event Agency»Will select for you a master who can professionally prepare these dishes just at your home.

You can order a real culinary show just at your home. Thanks to the latest technologies and the possibilities of haute cuisine, you can enjoy the show-serving of the most favorite and most unusual dishes for your diet. If you want to prepare an unexpected gift for your beloved, so that she does not even realize that it was not you who prepared all this - onsite chef will do its job within a clearly defined timeframe and "go unnoticed."

Imagine your lover's eyes as you serve her the best for dinner. Pan-Asian dishes, Moroccan or molecular cuisine?

What is the reason for ordering a chef to visit?

Also on-site chef Is a good idea for a small home birthday party or any other occasion. Together with our coordinators of the holidays in Kharkov, you can prepare a menu for a company of 20-25 people. IN duties of a chef will include not only the development of the menu and the preparation of meals on the day of the event, but also the preliminary purchase of products and their processing.

May be good as an original show program cooking show... This is a breathtaking sight that will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, after the performance, you can enjoy eating everything that was created in front of your eyes. Also, an interesting entertainment for the company can be culinary master class from the chef.

Regardless of the weather conditions and time of the years, the event and event agency offers you services of a chef on the grill. Mangalschik on the road - this is the person who can make your shish kebab or any other meat dish cooked on fire - perfect.

Find out about all the possibilities by simply asking a question to our manager. "Pro100 Event Agency"- an event agency in Kharkiv, which is ready to embody bold dreams and crazy ideas into reality.

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