Date at the skating rink in Kharkov

The organizer of events in Kharkov "Pro100 Event Agency" knows firsthand that the best gift is emotion.

And it is especially important to pamper your most beloved people with such non-standard and interesting gifts, because they deserve it. Forget about the day going to the cinema or walk in the park and make a dream date come true, date like in Hollywood movies.

Ice rink hike - excellent idea for a winter date... Of course, spend romantic evening at the skating rink it is possible regardless of the time of year, but it is in winter that there is a special magic in it. Such an unexpected date will definitely be remembered by both.

Thanks to the organization specialists unusual gifts and actions "Pro100 Event Agency" you can rent an entire ice rinkto spend this evening with just the two of you. At the end of a romantic winter story, we suggest you arrange a small winter picnic just in the middle of the ice rink. Hot tea or mulled wine will help you warm up and give you a special atmosphere.

For what occasions is a date at an ice rink suitable?

We believe that if your relationship is at the very beginning of development, then going on the ice can be the very event that will help relieve the excitement and tension of partners on the first date. What is the feature ideas for a first date on a skating rink in Kharkov?

There will be many, very many, unobtrusive touches to each other and it is they that help to establish trusting relationships and, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, melt the "ice" of even the coldest hearts.

Have a date at the ice rink - the ability to breathe new emotions into feelings that have cooled slightly. The only two of you on the ice rink. You, your favorite music and the opportunity to surrender to your dreams. Even if ice skating is not part of your skill set, this event will be a real celebration in the history of your relationship.

In addition to the fact that such an unusual act will help to decorate Birthday or anniversary, date at the rink Is an idea for a proposal.

During ice skating, live instrumental music can sound: saxophone, violin or any other musical instrument of your choice. And, of course, the project coordinators will be able to select for you vocalists or a music band that will perform your favorite song without using phonograms.

Table decor for a romantic surprise, where light snacks, candles and champagne will be presented, is negotiated with each client separately. So is the menu provided.

Romantic surprise, a real winter fairy tale created for two people is not an invention of an event agency, it is a reality that can come true ... tomorrow.

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