Dinner in the fireplace room

If you want to add a little magic to your relationship and escape from the daily hustle and bustle - organize your chosen one or darling an unforgettable dinner in the fireplace room... Quiet Romantic dinner in an almost medieval atmosphere is original act in the name of your love, this is an opportunity to tell your loved one the most important words and a way to make unusual gift for Valentine's Day, Birthday or any other holiday.

The perfect romantic dinner for two is held in an atmospheric room, decorated with stucco molding and furnished with interior items typical of the era. You can further surprise your darling by choosing her an evening dress for such a unique event.

Organize a candlelit dinner - this is not the easiest task, especially if you decide to organize a holiday for your loved one on your own. "Pro100 Event Agency" - event agency in Kharkove that will provide you with a comfortable evening without worries and worries.

Relieve yourself of worries, will the perfect date work out, will everything go according to plan, will you be able to find one the most original gift for a girl or uncommon congratulations for a guy.

We will prepare a table in advance with food and drinks according to your wishes. We will decorate the place for a romantic date with themed decor and candles. Our coordinators will prepare everything for your convenience and create a romantic atmosphere - comfortable armchairs, dim lights, background music and, of course, exactly what distinguishes dinner in the fireplace room from a thousand options for spending an evening together - a fireplace.

Crackling wood and flames of fire, regardless of weather conditions, will warm you and create a cozy atmosphere. This attribute will add intimacy to any romantic date.

If you wish, you can ignite the hearth yourself.

Sometimes it seems to us that the world has lost its bright colors, but date by the fireplace - excellent idea for a romantic dinner for those who appreciate real closeness and want to dissolve in another person, in communication with him, at least for one evening.

Event agency "Pro100 Event Agency" Kharkiv Is an organization that creates special gifts and implements the most unusual ideas high quality and at a reasonable cost. Dinner price in the fireplace room not much more than the price of a banal trip to a restaurant or cafe. The cost of organizing a date in Kharkov check with our managers by the numbers indicated on the website.

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