Parents know how difficult it is to photograph restless kids! But I really want to get beautiful photos in memory of the children's birthday. We know the way out: our thematic photo zones will charm the children so much that you will have time to shoot them from the heart!

What are baby photo zones

Location design for photography depends on the theme of the holiday. If it is dedicated to a cartoon or a fairy tale, the scenario will also be reflected in the photo zone. It will be decorated with your favorite characters and even three-dimensional figures with which you can hug and dance. An interesting option for older children - tantamaresque. Stands with cutouts under the face help transform into Superman or Fairy, Catwoman or Shrek. Designers and artists will create a tantamaresque based on any subject.

Can order a photo zone for a children's holidaywithout being tied to the topic. Girls will be happy with the princess's fairy-tale castle, a location in the style of "Alice in Wonderland”, a stand of balloons or flowers. The boys will love it photo zone for children's party with cars or robots, pirates or superheroes.

What is the price of a photozone

Pro100 Event Agency works with any budget. The cost of renting photo zones will be lower than a custom-designed location. If you want custom photo booth, its price will depend on the size, material and complexity of manufacturing. The simplest options are using balloons, cardboard flags, paper flowers, multi-colored ribbons and slate boards. Photo zone for a children's holiday from natural flowers, themed banners, complex compositions from balloons will cost more.

Where to order a photo zone in Kharkov

For more than 5 years we have been organizing children's parties, so rent of a children's photo zone is one of the most requested services. We cooperate with talented florists, artists and decorators. They make your idea come to life with ease. photo zone cost will depend on the complexity of the implementation. We will also recommend professional photographers who will come to the holiday with the right lighting and equipment for high-quality pictures.

Beautiful children's photo zone in Kharkov - an important stage in preparation for a children's holiday. We do not recommend saving on it if you want to get spectacular family photos. Agree, you will forget about music, food and entertainment in a few days, and you will flip through an album with photos in 10, and in 20, and in 50 years!

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