The team remembers the fun corporate party for a long time, and photos help to restore the brightest moments in their memory. The most convenient way to organize group photo session on a beautiful background. Pro100 Event Agency knows what photo zones for themed holidays will look the most advantageous.

Photo zone ideas:

  1. With the company logo - The brand wall looks solid and emphasizes the credibility of the company. Against his background, you get high-quality corporate photos, which are useful for publications in the media or website.
  1. Slate - To slate photo zone for a corporate party in Kharkov looked stylish, the artist will paint it. And after the photo session, everyone will be able to leave their wish.
  1. 3D effect wall - Volumetric flowers, trees or animals that seem to be about to leave the stand are a hit of this year! Such unusual photo zone versatile and suitable for any occasion.
  1. Natural flowers - No one can resist the opportunity to take a photo among the luxurious flowers and greenery! Roses, peonies, monstera, ferns - florists use any seasonal flowers to create original thematic photo zones for corporate parties.
  1. Tantamareska - This is the most fun photo zone for a corporate event in Kharkov, source of jokes and funny stories! On the stand with cutouts for the faces, you can depict strong men, Hollywood stars, pirates, heroes of films or comics.
  1. Thematic photo zone in Kharkov - In this case, we are starting from the theme of the party. For example, a corporate party in a nautical style will complement photo zone with palm trees, beach landscape or paper waves... For a Hollywood-style party, you can set up a location with a red carpet and cardboard figures of famous actors.

Where to order a photo zone in Kharkov

The creation of the photo zone is carried out by artists, decorators and florists. Pro100 Event Agency has been working for many years with talented creative people who create unique photo zones... We will show you a directory with examples of locations and show you the best option. Photozone cost will depend on the complexity of the design and the materials used.

If you need spectacular photo zone for birthday, corporate and another event, Contact us! We will be happy to help!

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