Girls joke that a wedding is worth playing at least for the sake of a dress and beautiful photos. Indeed, after many years the toasts of the guests, the banquet hall, the rich table and the fun contests will be forgotten. But beautiful photos will remind you of every moment of the wedding celebration. To make a memorable photo album, we recommend book a photo booth for a wedding from Pro100 Event Agency.

Features of the wedding photo zone

Effectively designed place for a photo shoot necessary for both young and all guests who also want to capture themselves in all their glory. Our advice:

  • the original photo zone should not take up too much space - the ideal size is 2x2 m;
  • you need to install a photo zone not in a passageway so as not to interfere with guests and waiters;
  • it is desirable that there are no foreign objects on the borders of the photo location that can spoil the picture;
  • a photo zone for a wedding in Kharkov should correspond to the concept of the holiday in style or color;
  • use accessories (hats, glasses, mustaches or sponges on a stick, wish cards, etc.) - the more accessories you choose for a photo shoot, the more creative your photos will be.

Options for photo zones for a wedding

The trend of recent years is natural motifs: monstera thickets, flower arrangements in tall glass vases, eucalyptus or ivy garlands, wedding photo zones from fresh flowers, consonant with the bride's bouquet.

If the celebration takes place outdoors, you can arrange a place for a photo under a tree decorated with garlands, Chinese lanterns or ribbons. Swing or antique velvet sofa - stylish and beautiful photo zone in Kharkov, which significantly increases the number of poses. Rustic style is also relevant for summer weddings. wedding photography cost in the form of haystacks is low, and the pictures will be original.

Another trend is minimalism. It includes a large photo frame, chalk board with wishes, brick wall with candles or vases on the floor.

Wedding photo zones in Kharkov

Each wedding photo zone in Kharkov by Pro100 Event Agency is a work of art created by talented florists and decorators. We love custom orders and will be happy to create something unusual and inspiring for you. The price of a photo zone for a wedding will depend on the complexity of execution and materials, but we work with any budget! We are waiting for your call to discuss all the nuances of the future photo zones!

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