What is a portrait photo shoot in Kharkov for me? First of all, this is an opportunity to tell a new story about my hero. Together with my clients, I work out the image, select the location and props for portrait photography.

After all, a photographer in Kharkov is not just a routine job for me, it is my element, my opportunity to realize my creativity. Working with a model, I set myself the task of revealing her character, showing real emotion. Therefore, most of the photo shoots in Kharkov with me, photographer Alina Fedchenko, take place in an easy, relaxed atmosphere.

What is a photo portrait and how does it differ from reportage photography or fashion photography? Portrait photography is a type of photography in which the main focus is on the facial expression, eyes, smile of a person. This is what gives the photographer a chance to catch even the smallest micro-emotions. My portraits reflect the place, time and mood of the person being photographed as realistically as possible. A portrait photo shoot in Kharkov, the price of which always pleases the client, is one of my main priorities in my work.

Those who decide to make an interesting portrait photo session for the first time are very often interested in how to relieve embarrassment before shooting. If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, I will help you get rid of stress and let go of anxiety. As a professional photographer, I have my own secrets. After all, they say that the lens shows a person as real, shows him as he really is. And without a doubt, in each of us there is something beautiful!

To order portrait photography is to save the most beautiful moments of your history. After all, think about it, this moment will never happen again. And a photo session is an opportunity once again, at least mentally, to experience all those sensations, impressions and feelings that overwhelmed you at that moment.

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