Do you like to spend family or private holidays in a restaurant?

Let's get together with the event agency "Pro100 Event AgencyLet's add a little color to the already familiar course of events?!

We offer organize an original draw in Kharkov, which will definitely make a splash - raffle in a restaurantwhich may even end staged fight of waiters.

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, any family or corporate celebration can be one of the most original congratulations in the life of the culprit of the event.

What is the scenario of the prank with the participation of waiters?

Options original congratulations-draw with the participation of waiters - a lot. Raffle in a restaurant it can start with a minor mess with the waiters: not your dishes are brought to your table, the chef accidentally salted or peppered your favorite salad, and then someone else accidentally dropped the signature dish of the evening on the floor.

As one of the options raffle-congratulations in the restaurant a staged fight of waiters is possible, which will end with their dance or vocal set.

Imagine dancing or singing waiters at your party. Agree, unusual?

For what reasons is a prank in Kharkiv with the participation of waiters suitable?

Play a prank on a friend, a married couple or even a soul mate possible, regardless of the occasion. The original action would be congratulations-draw on your birthday.

The waiters, who during the evening created comical and curious situations, will perform a festive song and take out a cake for the birthday boy.

If you order a complex organization of an event at the Pro100 Event event agency, our scriptwriters and directors will think over the course of the event in such a way that draw became a bright addition to the show program and "revealed" at the right time.

If you have questions about organization of drawings in Kharkov or other cities of Ukraine, you can contact us by phone or by leaving a request on the agency's website. We will be happy to answer all your questions and make your event unforgettable.

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