“What is our life? The game!" - remember this phrase? Unfortunately, with age, there are less games in our lives and more and more worries. Pro100 Event Agency offers to correct this situation and give joyful emotions to a loved one, friend or colleague. Our original surprises and draws return to a carefree childhood, make you laugh sincerely and enjoy life, as at a young age.

How the drawing is held and what is needed for this

Drawing - original birthday gift a person who has everything. Or for someone who values emotions more than material goods. You contact our agency, choose a ready-made script, or we come up with it together. Then comes the painstaking preparation process.

Preparation organizing an individual drawing can be compared to the work of special services or a private detective. We need to get as much information as possible about the birthday person, find out his habits, daily routine. We do a great job to determine the correct sequence of actions for our actors and to prank hero suspected nothing. The main task is to maintain top secrecy until the last second. Only under this condition birthday drawing in Kiev will be successful.

Popular drawing ideas

Popular prank for a guy - homeless people. Imagine: a birthday man approaches his car, and homeless people are having dinner on the hood! In the process of sorting out the relationship, the homeless will suddenly start taking flowers and gifts from their bags to the hero of the occasion.

If you are interested in birthday draw for the chief, arrange congratulations from the police... There are a lot of storylines! For example, the birthday man will be stopped by the traffic police and will present a huge list of violations, demand a bribe, or even show a document stating that the boss's car is guided. Well, the further development of the situation will depend on the birthday man and the acting. Also very popular pranks for the boss - psychos in the interview or seduction in the interview.

 Often girls who want to contact us congratulate your beloved in Kharkov... We offer them hilarious rally for the holiday - acquaintance with gays. The birthday boy will be embroiled in a quarrel between two gay representatives, namely, will become the alleged "lover" of one of them.

A fake fight in a restaurant - popular prank for a girl... It will be very emotional! And at the end - flowers and gifts for the birthday girl. If the girl works in a restaurant or hotel, you can arrange arrival of the "auditor" with a film crew. An unforgettable gift will cheer up the whole team!

If the birthday person occupies a high position and often communicates with the press, we suggest shocking pranks, for example, action during interview... While he will tell dummy journaliststhat everything is fine in his company, we will organize a special forces operation or the arrival of a group in chemical protection suits. Let's see how the birthday boy gets out of such a delicate situation!

5 reasons to order a drawing:

  1. Unforgettable emotions - Flowers will wither, they eat sweets, they will drink expensive cognac, and emotions and memories of the draw will forever stay with the birthday boy.
  1. An original birthday gift - Believe me, the birthday man least of all expects a drawing as a gift. The surprise effect is guaranteed!
  1. Photo and video for memory - The organization of the draws necessarily includes the recording of all events. You will be reviewing with the birthday man for a long time how it was, and laugh heartily.
  1. We take care of everything - You don't need to go anywhere and decide anything. We will offer options for congratulations and organize a drawing from the beginning to the end.
  1. Professionalism of Pro100 Event Agency - First-class actors work with us. They know how to keep the intrigue and will not cause any guesswork about the draw.

Where to order a draw in Kharkiv

Pro100 Event Agency - agency of unusual giftsthat many years holds draws in Kharkiv... Our clients include people of different ages and social status. We know how organize an original gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend and not cross the line between a joke and a real extreme. 

Want to order jokes and jokes in Kiev for any holiday or just like that? We will be happy to bring any scenario to life!

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