Do you like adrenaline?

Or maybe your young man simply cannot imagine his life without vivid emotions and adventures?

Our agency for organizing and accompanying events in Kharkov offers a completely new format for congratulations. Among ourselves, we jokingly call it "Masks Show". What is really going on?

The concept of the original draw

The essence of this unusual joke congratulation is that a group of specially trained people in masks steals the main culprit of the joke. These athletic guys can grab an adrenaline rush on the way home or to work, on a walk with their girlfriend, or during a get-together with friends.

There can be many further development scenarios. After all, you can organize a raffle gift for virtually any reason. The main thing is that the hero is prepared for such surprises and has a sense of humor. You must admit that not every one of us is ready to laugh when riot police "pack" him. Even if then he or she was brought to the venue.

Reason to order a drawing

We have prepared for you a selection of reasons why you can order an original congratulation.

  • Birthday... Not everyone loves their birthday, but if it is a holiday organized by friends, it becomes much more pleasant. On this occasion, we offer you "extreme delivery" of the birthday man. The guys in masks put the birthday boy in the car and bring him to the place where the surprise party is prepared.
  • Declaration of love. This is a version of the original congratulations for the bravest. Your fair half will be captured, and you, as a beautiful knight, will save her by climbing on a fire hydrant with flowers. Or the girl will be brought to the place. Where a romantic atmosphere will be prepared in advance. Maybe a rooftop date. It is only important that the girl is not overly emotional. After all, this day should be one of the most beautiful in her life. So - be careful here.
  • Wedding draw... Remember this tradition when a bride is stolen at a wedding? Maybe we can add some colors to it? In this case, the bride can be warned, but for the guests it will definitely be a surprise at the wedding.

We still have dozens of ideas on how to play, congratulate or simply entertain your loved ones, relatives or friends.

Is it possible to order a drawing according to an individual scenario?

For each client, we select our locations, actors and write a script. Any of the drawings and original greetings on the site can be adapted to your goals and objectives. If you have the most non-standard idea, our best event agency in Kharkov is ready to implement the most daring ideas.

We love unexpected challenges and it is a pleasure to work with congratulations drawings. We guarantee that our clients get maximum emotions, maximum smiles and maximum surprise!

Leave a request on the website and get ready to be surprised!

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