Among all varieties of balls foil balls impress with their spectacular coating and bizarre shapes. They look much more attractive than latex ones, do not burst and fly much longer. Foil balloons with delivery across Kharkov will gladly bring Pro100 Event Agency!


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Foil balloons 24/7 - the main advantages:

  1. DurableFoil balloons practically impervious to air. You can play with them and hug without fear that the balloon will burst.
  1. Fly long - Thanks to a special valve, foil balloons able to hold air for a long time. They will retain their original appearance even after a stormy party.
  1. Unlimited design possibilities - The balls are covered with a thin metallized layer. Any drawing, logo or font can be easily applied to this surface. Branded balls often used in promotions, conferences and marketing events.
  1. Many varieties - Can buy foil balloons in Kharkov in the form of letters, numbers, hearts, crescent moon, cartoon characters, etc. They make effective words and compositions.
  1. Walking figures - A real hit from Pro100 Event Agency - walking foil figures! Inflatable Spiderman, Mickey Mouse or another character will win the little ones at a children's party.

Delivery of foil balloons in Kharkov at any time

Pro100 Event Agency knows everything about high-quality and beautiful decor. We will help you choose foil ballsmatching your wishes. Agency managers accept orders from anywhere in the world, and couriers deliver balls even at night. Make your holiday brighter!

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