The most popular decor for the holidays - helium balloonsBecause they are suitable for any occasion. Their design is easy to time for a themed party, marketing events or tied to a specific color scheme. Tell us about your wishes and Pro100 Event Agency will deliver the most reliable and beautiful balloons!


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5 reasons to order helium balloons in Kharkov:

  1. Several design options - Helium is lighter than air, so the balloons immediately rush up. They can be grouped into bundles, arranged one at a time, tying "weights" to the ends of the tape, or released under the ceiling.
  1. Diverse design — Matte or glossy, with inscriptions or glitters, in the form of cartoon characters or superheroes — we will embody any ideas.
  1. Amazing photo area - Balloons make colorful and fun photos. If you do not want to spend an impressive amount on the design of the photo zone - order balloons!
  1. Round-the-clock delivery of balls in Kharkov We are ready to surprise your loved one even at night! The main thing is to place an order at least 1-2 days in advance. In this case, you can be in another city or country.
  1. Possibility of delivery by the animator - Just imagine: a fairy-tale character comes to a child and hands him a bunch of balloons! The kid will remember such an event for a long time.

Where to buy helium balloons in Kharkov?

IN Pro100 Event Agency you can order cheap balloons home, office, restaurant and even city park. The application is made on the website or by phone. After agreeing on all the details, expect a surprise at the appointed time and enjoy the festive balloons!

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