Prosto Event likes to please and surprise their guests. And especially if it happens so spectacularly, beautifully and tasty, as our guys do during a bartender show to go!

If you want to add color to your event and evoke genuine emotions among all visitors to your event, you should order a bartender show in Kharkov and enjoy the result. We work with the best bartenders in the country, which means we can surprise even the most sophisticated audience. Get ready to get aesthetic and gastronomic pleasure. Yes, yes, of course, you can drink all the drinks that our bartenders prepare during the performance with the guests. And believe me, it's worth it.

It remains only to order a bartender show, and an enchanting performance with a delicious result will be at your event.

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For which holiday should I book a bartending show?

The performance of the bartender will organically fit into the show program of virtually any format. Thanks to the ability to mix a wide variety of drinks, use themed accessories and special effects, a bartender show on the go will complement any event.

  • For a corporate party in the summer. Have a glass of cool, slightly intoxicating drink by the pool or lying in a hammock. What could be more beautiful? Only do it after an exciting performance by the bartender. After all, just before the eyes of the guests, the drink smokes, sparkles and foams, acquiring exactly those unique tastes that so excite our receptors.
  • Show program for the wedding. The performance of the bartender during the gathering of guests will be able to entertain them while they are languishing in anticipation of the main heroes of the occasion, and the bartender's show at the banquet can become a full-fledged breathtaking performance!
  • Theme party? It's time to order a bartender show in Kharkov! Thanks to an integrated approach to the holidays, we can easily choose themed costumes and decor for a bar show, which will help it complement the concept of your event. It doesn't matter if it's a space party or a ball of flowers - Prosto Event will find a solution for any theme.
  • Wondering how to entertain guests at a teenage birthday party to please everyone? It is this age that is the most difficult for both parents and event workers. But the show of bartenders in Kharkiv is great for such a holiday.

Our guys will prepare delicious and healthy non-alcoholic cocktails for the birthday boy and his friends. At the same time, it’s cool in an adult way, and safe for children.

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bartender show price

We will find entertainment for you within the existing budget. The price of show bartenders may depend on the duration of the performance, the ingredients used for cocktails, as well as the level of the bartender. If you are considering the budget of your event as a whole, we will be happy to help you correctly allocate the costs to get the maximum wow effect.

Is it safe for bartenders to perform on the go?

We make sure that our customers are always safe and sound. Therefore, all cocktails that get on the table to the guests will be absolutely safe and ready to drink.

The elements of the show program, despite their entertainment, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are absolutely not traumatic. Simply Event is a territory of cheerful and bright holidays.

Want to book a bartending show but not sure if it's right for your venue or audience? Ask our event manager a question and we will definitely find a solution. The Pro100 Event Agency has a huge selection of interactive zones and solutions for the outdoor kitchen and bar. We will help to develop a program for any type of event.

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