The banquet is the most important part of the holiday, if not the most important. But you don't need to get attached to a cafe or restaurant to feed your guests. Pro100 Event Agency will provide professional field service in Kharkov to the place where you organize a wedding, birthday, bachelorette party, corporate party or children's party. We have extensive experience in the catering industry and a host of first-class services required for a buffet or banquet party.

Outbound service Kharkiv (Kiev) - list of services:

  1. Candy bar - This is a popular outbound catering for hen parties, children's parties, events in beauty salons, women's clothing stores and presentations. Sweets will be placed on a beautifully decorated table: cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other desserts. Dishes, decor, even the shape and color of sweets can be combined with the theme of the holiday.
  1. Exit bar (lemonade, molecular, beer) - No holiday is complete without high-quality alcohol and delicious cocktails. Even if you are throwing a party in nature, the bartender will bring with him an arsenal of "funny" drinks and will show the bartender a show at the wedding, no worse than in a nightclub. Smoking flasks of liquid nitrogen, dry ice, oxygen masks, laboratory suits - the molecular exit bar in Kharkov will be a fantastic show.

In the hot season, bar catering is especially popular. The lemonade bar will be a real oasis for the celebration. Everyone can cool down with a delicious drink prepared by a professional bartender.

A cool idea for a bachelor party is an exit beer bar. We will bring delicious foam and teach you how to play beer pong!

  1. Hookah zone - Do you like hookah? With Pro100 Event Agency it is not a problem to organize an on-site service in Kharkov with a hookah man, a selection of the best tobaccos and excellent hookahs.
  1. Ice Bar - Cryo ice cream - new from Pro100 Event Agency! In front of your eyes, the chef will make ice cream using liquid nitrogen and show you a couple of tricks.
  1. Non-alcoholic bar - An off-site cocktail bar does not have to be alcoholic. For a children's party or for a company leading a healthy lifestyle, you can order a fresh or smoothie bar. Enjoy healthy fruit and berry drinks.
  1. Chocolate Fondue - When choosing to cater for a wedding, customers often order a chocolate fountain surrounded by fruit slices. Fountains come in different sizes - from 45 cm to 110 cm in height and with different loadings of chocolate - from 1 kg to 10 kg.
  1. Champagne pyramid - This service is often ordered for outbound catering in Kharkiv (Kiev) at presentations, award ceremonies and grand openings. The pyramid looks impressive and attracts guests.
  1. Bartender Show - Catering services from Pro100 Event Agency include a bartender show. The charismatic master of cocktails will twirl, twirl and toss shakers with glasses, creating unique drinks before your eyes.
  1. Fruit palm - The fruit palm is the favorite of the kids! Regardless of the season, you can fill it with seasonal or exotic fruits and berries.
  1. Tea Bar - Want to surprise your guests? Our catering service organizes a real tea ceremony in the best traditions of Japan. It includes: beautiful dishes, elite teas, sweets, a tea ceremony master in a special uniform, who will tell you about all the intricacies of tea etiquette.

Organization of buffets and off-site banquets in Kharkov

The roof of a house, a forest, a park, a country house, a garden - we will organize a buffet table at any Open Air site. Based on the concept of the holiday and the budget, our managers will offer a suitable option and draw up a competent catering offer. We work with parties of any format: from a coffee break during a presentation to large-scale events for a thousand people.

We guarantee the freshness of the products and the professionalism of the service staff. If necessary, we will employ waiters, decorators, hostesses and provide equipment rental.

To order catering Kharkov, contact us in any convenient way. We will do our best to make catering services as pleasant and comfortable as possible for you.

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