Do you think that fruit cutting on the table is a relic of the past? But at the same time, do you want to have as many healthy and tasty snacks as possible on your table? Let's give this dessert a new lease of life and transform it into a fruit palm for your celebration!

Alternative to harmful desserts - fruit palm

At Pro100 Event, they follow innovations and trends in banquet service and offer what is most relevant and modern. More and more people are worried about their health and figure, which means serving a healthy treat will hit the target!

To create a palm tree from fruits, a frame of juicy pineapples is used. With the help of skewers, a variety of fruits of your choice are fixed on it. Due to the variety of colors of fruits and berries, confectioners can create a wide variety of patterns on the "trunk" of a palm tree, adding exoticism to this original dessert.

Fruit cuts, which are more familiar on our table, are gradually becoming a thing of the past, as the fruits quickly become weathered and even lose their shape. A fruit palm at a holiday will help maintain an appetizing and attractive look, and will also be an additional distinction for guests.

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Fruit palm in Kharkov - price?

The cost of fruit palm can depend on many factors. Eg:

  • The height of the finished dessert. A small fruit palm tree to order is suitable for a chamber event or a holiday with the family, its size can be about 40 centimeters. A higher design - from 1 meter, a solution for a corporate event or a large wedding, where many guests are planned.
  • Fruit to create a palm tree. Both local and exotic fruits can be used for this wonderful treat. A pear, plum, apple, and grape palm will cost significantly less than a papaya, coconut, or mango palm.

Installation, as well as transport costs for delivery, are included in the cost of a fruit palm tree in Kharkov.

What to look for if you decide to order a fruit palm?

  • In order for you to get the maximum pleasure from this dessert, you should pay attention to the choice of fruits for its preparation. Confectioners can independently select the necessary ingredients, but it is much better if you independently select the components to your taste.
  • All fruits and berries must be fresh and keep their shape. This affects the taste and appearance of the palm.
  • Ask for photos and video reports from the event where such a structure was installed. So you can understand the level of the contractor and how professional his approach is. We try to accompany all our services with detailed photographs so that you can be sure of our experience and result.

Ordering a fruit palm tree is very simple - just leave a request on the website or call our office. We will coordinate with you the content and design of the dessert, as well as the cost of offsite dessert catering. On the day of the event at the right time, we will deliver and install the structure. You just have to enjoy the taste!

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