Sweet ice cream that gives a coolness is one of the favorite treats for both children and adults. We at Prosto Event love this dessert and are happy to offer our customers to order off-site soft ice cream for their events.

With a wide variety of flavors, in a waffle cone or in a small glass, with fillings or just a pure taste - in our assortment you will find a variety of options for this sweet.

What holiday is this dessert for?

In fact, ice cream is a universal treat that will fit perfectly both in a wedding reception and at a presentation. However, based on our experience, we have chosen event formats where ice cream for an event to order will look the best.

  • First of all, it is, of course, a children's birthday. Children love tasty, sweet and cool ice cream almost more than all desserts in the world. In addition, it is so exciting to watch how our pastry chef fills the cone first with the ice cream itself, and then adds peanuts, nuts, chocolate or caramel to it. The number of toppings can be just incredible!
  • Summer corporate or team building in nature. Ice cream or frosted yogurt to order will perfectly fit into the organization of a corporate holiday. All adults will be able to enjoy the coolness and get their portion of sweet joy. Imagine how great it will be refreshed after corporate games or a quest in nature?
  • For a friendly party. If you decide to organize a rooftop birthday party with friends or celebrate an anniversary, a successful project or any other bright and significant event, an ice cream bar will perfectly complement the atmosphere. By the way, the idea: you can order ice cream for a movie screening: a great alternative to popcorn.

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Master class on making ice cream

If you really love ice cream and want to know how it is made, we can organize an ice cream making workshop right at your party. You will learn all the subtleties and create your first ice cream with your own hands. Such entertainment will be especially interesting for children, because in their eyes it is real magic!

A branded ice cream area is a great way to raise the corporate spirit!

As our experience shows, many people are happy to take pictures and take selfies with beautiful horns strewn with sweets or cups in which a cool dessert is beautifully packed. If you add a small flag or a branded sticker with a logo, you get not only a pleasant treat, but also an additional method of raising corporate spirit and even additional advertising!

You can also order a branded ice cream bar in our agency - we will take care of all the details: the design of the candy bar, the quality of raw materials, and even the mood of the ice cream maker!

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