Why do we all go to the cinema? (Except for watching new releases, of course)

For popcorn! Agree, popcorn from the machine turns out to be very special and not like any of its other variations.

We at Prosto Event do not like to wait, and therefore we offer to order a popcorn machine at any place .. and, in principle, for any reason! Now you can enjoy this delicious dessert anywhere: at a children's event, during a corporate party, at a friendly party!

How to order a popcorn machine in Kharkiv?

In order for this wonderful device to appear on your holiday, you do not need to make any special efforts:

  • Select a date for the holiday.
  • Determine the number of guests you want to serve. And also think about what else you can add to the “sweets” zone? Perhaps a lemonade bar or cotton candy will fit perfectly into your holiday concept?
  • Find out if the date is free from our managers. If the popcorn machine is busy, we will be happy to find an alternative.
  • Book a date, make an advance payment and enjoy our quality service, because we think through everything to the smallest detail so that your event goes “100%”!

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Is the concept important in order to order off-site popcorn in Kharkiv?

Of course, we believe that all components of the holiday should be a single whole. But if you want to order popcorn in Kharkiv, but absolutely nothing connects your event with this dessert, you can ask for help from our coordinators and organizers who will do everything to make your wishes come true!

We will select a solution that will help tie all the elements of your event together, or we will offer options for treats that will look more organic within the event.

Is it possible to order the organization of a theme party, and not just off-site catering?

Of course yes! For us, the organization of turnkey events is a priority. After all, this is how we can guarantee our customers 100% the quality of the event. Ordering a machine with cotton candy or popcorn is adding color to the holiday. But if you want to write a masterpiece, it is better to apply for a range of services. Attractions, catering, show program, decoration and much more according to your desires and budget!

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