Cotton candy is a dessert that is associated with the holiday, fun and, of course, childhood.

Ordering an apparatus with cotton candy for a corporate party or a children's holiday is guaranteed to give everyone who comes a lot of positive emotions and warm memories!

We will be happy to help you create a light and tasty mood at your event with the help of a cotton candy machine!

What is included in the cotton candy rental price?

The price of sweets for children will depend on many factors. First of all, of course, you should pay attention to the operating time of the machine and the confectioner. Also, the price of cotton candy for rent will vary from additional additives or zone design.

You can find out the standard cost right now from our event managers by phone. It includes:

  • Cotton candy machine rental. Of course, in order for everything to happen, a mechanism is needed that will turn special sugar into that very airy treat!
  • The work of a confectioner. It is important to know what the temperature of the equipment should be and what sugar program, nothing will work without this! Our specialists know all the intricacies of making cotton candy and can cook up to 5 portions of airy treats per minute!
  • All consumables: sugar for cotton candy, as well as wooden sticks
  • Mounting and dismantling. We always care about our customers, so we take care of all the installation of our rides or offsite catering. When ordering this equipment, you only need to provide us with an area for placement and the ability to connect to the network.

Rental time: up to 5 hours.

Included in the price:
• cotton candy machine
• work of a confectioner
• cotton sticks
• special sugar
• installation and dismantling

Technical requirements:
• platform for installation
• connection to 220V network

• different flavors
• various colors of cotton wool
• popcorn machine
• mobile fences
• delivery in Ukraine

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How can you make this dessert more original?

We all want to sometimes add a “zest” to our usual activities, events and dishes. We think that many people are used to seeing white cotton candy, but there are still many types of it.

  • Colored cotton candy always looks very bright and photogenic! We are sure that you and your children will not only enjoy eating it, but also from cool pictures from the event.
  • Cotton wool with different tastes. You can change not only the color, but also the taste of this treat. Shall we add fruit or make chocolate candy?
  • Individual design of cotton candy machine and confectioner's suit. Birthday of a little princess - why not turn the pastry chef's workplace into a castle, and himself into a kind wizard? Or a knight? Or a good fairy? Believe me, the fantasy of Just an Event is not limited!

Pro100 Event Agency Kharkiv is a company that creates a wide variety of events and always takes care of your comfort. We will be glad to become a part of your holiday and present a real fairy tale, regardless of age!

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