Without it, you can not imagine any birthday, both for adults and for children. It is a bright point for virtually any holiday. Holiday cake! Today, pastry shops offer the maximum variety of fillings and decorations, and sometimes it is so difficult to figure out what is right for you, how to calculate the size of the cake and what design to choose. We at Prosto Event find answers to all these questions and help to make a custom-made cake in Kharkov a successful final chord of your holiday!

How to choose a cake for a holiday?

One of the most difficult questions associated with this dessert is how to choose it?

A custom-made birthday cake is its taste, design and size. Let's go through each of the points:

  • The filling for the cake can be very different: chocolate, caramel, berry. It can be classic esterhazy or red velvet to order, or an individual recipe according to your wishes.
    To order a delicious cake for a birthday or wedding, you can buy a tasting set! Every little thing is important for us, therefore, if the client doubts the choice, we always offer this service before buying a cake in Kharkov.
  • Cake design for a wedding is one thing, a cake for a bachelorette party or anniversary is another. In order for everything to be “like clockwork”, it is important to select examples and coordinate them with the confectioners. Here you can find a huge database of designs or develop your own. If you decide to order the organization of a turnkey holiday, we will offer you options that will work for the general idea and atmosphere of the event.
  • Cake size. Many of our clients worry about getting all the guests a wedding cake, or vice versa, so that a few kilograms of treats do not remain unnecessary. We calculate the amount of dessert using the formula, and if you want a multi-tiered cake, but the number of guests is small, we offer a solution with fake cakes.

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Cake to order - a treat for any format!

If you think it is appropriate to order a cake for your holiday, we immediately answer “YES!”

A custom-made cake is suitable for any format, and thanks to the modern capabilities of confectioners, it can be turned into a real masterpiece.

  • Cake for children's birthday. This is a must have program. If you follow a healthy diet, you can order a pp-cake, which will be in no way inferior to traditional cakes with chocolate and sugar in taste.
  • A cake for a New Year's corporate party is both an element of the company's culture and an opportunity to please a large number of guests with sweets at once!
  • A custom-made wedding cake is one of the few wedding traditions that has been with us for many years. If you want to get away from the traditional format, you can order a pancake cake, where each guest can take a piece of the holiday with them!

We can list all the formats for a long time, but rest assured that a custom-made cake with an individual design will fit into any occasion. And, besides, it will give a lot of emotions!

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