For a children's birthday, for a bachelorette party, for a corporate buffet. A versatile dessert for every taste and format. What is this? These are apples in caramel on a stick to order - delicious and healthy!

What are apples in caramel made of?

If you want to order a caramel apple, then first of all you should figure out what this delicious dessert consists of and whether it is suitable for your guests.

  • Apples. This is the main and most important component of this bespoke dessert. We are always worried about the quality of products for off-site catering in Kharkiv, and sweet apples in caramel shells are no exception. In order for them to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible on your table, we use only the freshest apples, unsweetened varieties with an ideal outer shell and shape. Order apples in caramel in Kharkov from us - be sure of the quality and taste!
  • Caramel shell. This is what makes apples in caramel beautiful, colorful and gives us the opportunity to create real confectionery masterpieces. You can choose the taste and color of the caramel shell for apples, as well as toppings for every taste.
  • Topping for apples in caramel to order. Waffles, chocolate, nuts and more can perfectly complement this dessert. Thanks to the variety of jewelry, you can create the most unusual combinations!

To make it convenient for you and your guests to enjoy the taste of this dessert, each apple is put on a durable wooden stick that will keep your hands clean.

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Is it possible to order apples in caramel for a sweet table or candy bar?

We select the filling of candy bars and buffet tables with sweets for each client individually, so apples in caramel can easily complement a sweet table at a children's party, for example. And it is not necessary to order them as a separate item.

Also, for your convenience, in our event agency you can order a range of other services that will help create a dream holiday:

  • Sweet table decoration or candy bar design. If you want a themed holiday or your event has a main color, we will be happy to design a sweet zone for you. We will select decor, dishes and, of course, work out the appearance of desserts.
  • A master class on cooking apples in caramel or any other desserts: chocolates or lollipops, and even ice cream. This element of the program is perfect for a children's holiday! And everything cooked during the master class, the kids will be able to eat.
  • Complex organization of events. A turnkey holiday is the main direction of our activity. Therefore, if you still have doubts about organizing a wedding, corporate or children's celebration yourself or turn to specialists, we will be happy to advise you and demonstrate all the advantages of working with professionals.

You can order apples in caramel through the website or by calling our company. We are trusted with the most valuable thing - a good mood. And we know what to do with it!

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