Are you planning a holiday outdoors? Summer corporate party for the company? Birthday of a husband who just loves to eat delicious food? Or maybe you decided to arrange a country weekend with your child's classmates?

There are many formats, occasions and ideas for the holiday. But there is something that remains an invariable attribute of any event - delicious food. And what could be tastier than juicy burgers with natural cutlets, fresh vegetables and spicy sauce?

Our catering kitchen offers a wide range of burgers for catering, both at official events and private celebrations.

For which holiday are burgers to order suitable?

In recent years, burgers have ceased to be an ordinary fast food, but have moved into a class of truly exquisite, sometimes unexpected and even gourmet cuisine. Visiting even the most fashionable and expensive restaurants, you can find a couple of varieties of burger on the menu, the taste of which will give you just an explosion of emotions.

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We offer our clients off-site catering with burgers for such occasions:

  • Summer outing corporate event. Conducting a team building or corporate event in nature is always energy-consuming and quite intense, and therefore it is important for all participants to have the opportunity to quickly and nutritiously refresh themselves. It is ordering burgers for catering that helps to do this.
  • Children's holiday or birthday. Kids love pizza, burgers and hot dogs. Especially so that they can eat healthy and continue the game, we offer special children's snacks in the form of mini-burgers or mini-hot dogs. Only natural and hypoallergenic products are used in the preparation. And the composition of each snack we coordinate with the parents.
  • Catering for a conference, seminar or presentation. During breaks between lectures or networking, you always want to drink a cup of tea or coffee and something to chew on. Sweets usually do not satisfy hunger, but the burgers of our off-site kitchen in Kharkov do an excellent job with this task. Mini burgers are a snack that does not require serving and does not have to be afraid of embarrassment.

How long does it take to place an order for food delivery or a catering service?

Of course, it is best to discuss in advance (at least 7-10 days in advance) all the details of your order and work out the menu. In this way, we will definitely be able to guarantee the availability of all the necessary personnel and products for the implementation of your order for offsite catering.
But it often happens that you need to order catering for tomorrow? What to do?

Of course, call the Pro100 Event event agency and look for a solution to your issue together. The cost of catering with burgers will depend on the volume of products, the duration of the zone and the number of personnel required to serve. We'd love to be a part of your event!

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