Imagine summer without barbecue - is it even real?

The organization of a summer party is simply unimaginable without this incredibly tasty and at the same time simple meal. In simply Event, they know the secret recipes for making a barbecue on the go!

Order an off-site kitchen in Kharkiv and check that the most delicious barbecue in Kharkiv is prepared by our chefs!

Barbecue on the go - pros and cons

For your small family celebration or for a corporate party for 200 people, for lovers of classic recipes and those who appreciate experimentation, for people who prefer outdoor activities and for those who like to lie by the pool - the off-site kitchen with barbecue is suitable for any format and scale of the event.

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When ordering a shish kebab on departure you:

  • Don't worry about barbecues, skewers or other accessories necessary to prepare delicious meat. If the location for recreation in Kharkov does not imply the availability of everything necessary for cooking excellent barbecue, we will bring everything with us.
  • Enjoy your vacation while we work for you. A professional brazier works right in front of guests, turning the freshest meat, marinated according to secret recipes, into a delicious barbecue. By the way, in addition to the off-site kitchen with barbecue, you can order a beer bar in Kharkov. Agree, this combination looks very attractive!
  • You can feed a large company for a reasonable price. Shish kebab is tasty and satisfying. In addition, it is as simple as possible, which means that the price of off-site catering with such a treat will be more pleasant than complex and multi-component dishes.
  • You get an additional entertainment program for guests, because watching the work of a real professional is a pleasure!

Off-site cuisine in Kharkov from Prosto Event is a professional approach to serving events. By choosing us, you are choosing the service of the highest level.

Barbecue for an event in Kharkov, price

The question of the cost of an off-site kitchen for corporate or private events is one of the most frequently asked questions. We care about our customers, so we always strive for the best price-quality ratio. For an off-site grill bar, the price will depend on the opening hours of the barbecue, the number of guests who need to be fed, as well as the meat and vegetables that will be used for cooking.

Chicken shashlik, pork or lamb shashlik, grilled vegetables - you can order all these items from Prosto Event, both within the framework of only outbound catering to serve your event, and in the complex of services for holding and organizing an event from A to Z.

For our regular customers, as well as those who order a turnkey event, we offer favorable and loyal conditions, since we are for long-term and effective relationships.

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