When you need a quick bite to eat, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Probably some not very useful snacks or sandwiches.

But often high-end events require a buffet at a banquet before the first table starts, or at a conference or seminar, it is necessary to give participants the opportunity to have a quick bite to eat and return to learning or networking.

In such cases, catering comes to the rescue with the delivery of tartlets, canapes or snacks amuse bouche (translated from French - “one bite”). Our company, which organizes and supports a variety of events, provides catering services in Kharkiv, which are distinguished by a variety of dishes and a high level of service.

What is the advantage of tartlets and other quick snacks to order?

  • Wide selection of ingredients. Many of us are familiar with the state when in a hurry we quickly snack on something not very useful, and then regret that we violated our diet. Small snacks and a menu of tartlets to order allow you to choose a composition that will not harm the figure of the guests and will not kill the appetite before the main feast.
  • Give your guests a choice. Often at events the question arises - do all the guests eat fish? Or should you serve meat tarts? Or do you have light vegetable snacks? If you decide to order tartlets for the holiday, you can choose from several recipes to hit the target exactly.
  • Saving money! Tartlets or canapés are very small dishes that do not require a lot of ingredients, which means that if you are on a budget, this is the solution for you. You can find out what the price of offsite catering in Kharkov is from our managers.

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Our experts will help you calculate the required number of appetizers and create a balanced menu that best suits your event and meets your needs.

How much does it cost to order tartlets for a holiday in Kharkov?

The price of each order is calculated individually. We try to take into account the peculiarities of each event and offer the best solution. How much your offsite catering will cost will depend on:

  • From the number of servings of tartlets. We will help you calculate the optimal number of snacks per person, depending on the format.
  • Duration of off-site catering with tartlets. If you plan to order snacks for a conference or seminar, then most likely 2-3 hours after the start of catering, the buffet will need to be updated.
  • From the composition of tartlets or snacks Amis Bush. Our menu ranges from simple appetizers with chicken and seasonal vegetables to gourmet dishes with seafood and delicacies. Depending on the preferences of your guests and your budget, an individual menu6 will be formed that will affect the cost of the service.

To place an order for offsite catering - leave a request or dial our numbers on the website. We are always in touch to create delicious holidays together with you!

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION ?! Would you like us to call you back?

Fill out the feedback form and our operators will contact you within 10-15 minutes!

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