Where to Celebrate Graduation

It would seem that graduation has just ended, but we are already preparing for the 2020 graduation season.Every year, graduates, parents, and school administrations are becoming more and more demanding in organizing graduation parties.

The demand for graduation from kindergarten for children, as well as support for events for young people who graduated from the university, is gradually growing. But in this article, we first want to talk about where to celebrate 11th grade graduation. Because this particular holiday is the most meaningful to most people, and high school prom night is the most memorable.

Graduation ideas, pros and cons of organizing a graduation in a school building are just a few of the aspects that Just Event Egency wants to share with you.

High school prom ... at school?

A frequent occurrence for graduation parties in Kharkov is the organization of not only a solemn, but also an unofficial part of the holiday within the walls of an educational institution. And this is done not only by those who want to save money - by no means, because sometimes the graduation ceremony in the secondary school is even more expensive. Why?

Pros of graduation at school:

  • This is a significant place, which graduates may not return to soon. This means that this is a chance to leave the most vivid impressions.
  • The opportunity to save money on renting a restaurant: the school will be at your disposal and there will definitely be no strangers.
  • A familiar place for everyone, where everyone will feel comfortable.
  • There is no need to move from place to place, which means - to organize a transfer

But, of course, first of all, it is an atmosphere that will never be found anywhere else.

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At the same time, a graduation restaurant in Kharkov will be able to solve many problems that are possible within the walls of an educational building:

  • Festive table setting and menu. You can certainly try to get by with the skills of school chefs, but better not. At school, you will have to order catering, at the restaurant everything will be thought out for you.
  • Rental of sound and lighting equipment. At school, this can be more expensive, as most institutions already have some equipment that may be enough for you.
  • Decor costs. School, after all, is not the most festive place and here it will be necessary to spend a lot of money on the decoration of the graduation ceremony. At the same time, you can choose a restaurant in such a style and with such a design that, with the help of decor, you can only emphasize and complement the beauty of the room.

Where to celebrate graduation in 2020 is up to you, but advice from an event agency in Kharkov with many years of experience: choose the place that is closer to your graduates' liking. And even if you dreamed of graduation in the school building, and the guys want to go to a cafe ... or even karaoke - please make them feel good)

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