Graduation in 4th Grade

The moment when kids get one step closer to adulthood - 4th grade graduation.

It is the organization of the celebration of farewell to primary school that can become the brightest starting point that will help your child feel more comfortable.

In secondary school, there are many changes, which means that the child must understand that one stage of his life has ended and further more responsibility and attentiveness are expected from him. But at the same time, it is important to let the baby feel the joy of growing up and the changes that await him. Graduation at school is one of the promising areas of work of our event agency.

What do we offer?

Prosto Event Ezhensy is a comprehensive development and implementation of holidays on a turnkey basis. For school graduation in 4th grade we offer:

  • Development of the theme and script of the graduation
  • Selection of contractors for the celebration: host, animators, photographers and videographers.
  • Entertainment program: thematic contests and tasks
  • Show program: any children's show of your choice from a silver show to order to a show of mad scientists
  • Site design and decor, if necessary - location selection
  • Creation of themed quests or adventure games
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Carrying out preliminary photo and video filming of schoolchildren

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It is easiest to organize a graduation from a primary school in the building of an educational institution, however, if you want to add variety, our managers will help you choose good children's entertainment centers and playgrounds, children's cafes or even outdoor areas in nature for graduation.

The 4th grade graduation idea is one of the foundational aspects. In order for all children to be involved in the holiday, it is important to choose the theme and the content that suits you. We come to school, communicate with teachers, parents and children themselves and understand what is suitable for each specific case.

How much does it cost to organize a graduation ceremony?

Like any event, the cost of graduation at school depends on:

  • Places. If you are planning to organize a graduation ceremony at school, this will save part of the rent.
  • Treats. Are you planning to make only a sweet table for children or a full meal with an exquisite children's menu?
  • Show programs. Are you ready to invite professional children's shows or want to make do with the team's capabilities.
  • Much, much more)

We are not saying that you can organize a graduation with us inexpensively, but we definitely guarantee the quality of the holiday for children.

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