Kindergarten Graduation

One of the first significant official events in the life of a kid is the graduation from kindergarten. By the time the children graduate from kindergarten, they believe in miracles and are looking forward to the holiday. It will be very pleasant for us to share with you and the children the organization and conduct of the graduation from the kindergarten. This is a new stage in a child's life, and in order for him to pass brightly and fruitfully, it is very important to give him an impressive start.

Organizing a kindergarten graduation is an incredible responsibility. How to organize a children's event so that both children and their parents are happy? How to foresee everything and not miss a single detail? The answer is not difficult to find - to order the organization of the graduation from the kindergarten from the masters of their craft.

Pro100 Event Agency is:

  • Preparation of an individual event
  • Suit rental
  • Graduation decoration and decor
  • Development and preparation of a tasty and healthy menu
  • Leading for a children's party
  • Animators in colorful costumes
  • Selection of the content of the program depending on the topic and budget

We work only with trusted contractors and we know exactly who you can entrust your children to. From children's contests and interactions to large-scale children's shows for a holiday, from the purchase of gifts to full technical support - we take care of all this.

It is important to remember that childhood passes very quickly and soon both you and your kids will remember with trepidation this most tender age. Therefore, when organizing a kindergarten graduation, it is important to order the right photographer and videographer, who will help reflect the whole essence of the holiday and convey the atmosphere. We can also help you with their selection.

How to surprise kids?

  • Order a memorable paper show
  • Rent a smoke machine
  • Rent a cannon to create confetti
  • Invite a science show
  • Rent a bubble generator
  • Call a clown or good animators
  • Bright children's bar with sweets and lemonades

This is not a complete list of what we can do to please the kids. We have hundreds of different attractions and activity points in stock, dozens of game scenarios with animators. It is for your graduation that we organize everything at the highest level.

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