Comfortable seating for any event - poufs

Renting a decor for a holiday is not all that an organizer needs to think about, because there is also an aspect of the comfort of guests at the location. Comfortable seating can make a location suitable for an event from any space. And puffs, which are also called bean bags, will become a very practical and at the same time decorative solution.

Poufs are an addition that will make it possible to rent a holiday in Kharkov at any site

The design of the poufs is very simple - they are hermetically sealed bags with loose filling made of soft synthetic material - hollafiber. You can sit on them at ease and even lie down - so that guests of any age, height and build will definitely be as comfortable as possible. And they can also be easily dragged from place to place, since each bag of filler weighs a little, and you do not need to lift it completely to move it.

The shell of the beanbag chairs is made of durable water-repellent fabric - thanks to this, they can be laid on a damp lawn, near a pool or anywhere else where contact with a wet surface or splashes is possible.

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The shades of the pouf-bag covering are rich and juicy. If you have chosen a bright decor - and accessories of bright colors will be in the theme. And the rental of decor for weddings usually assumes that the main color of the decoration is white, and then the colored poufs will create a “tasty” contrast.

Holiday decor rental from Pro100 Event Agency is a solution for a wide variety of events. Poufs are ideal for outdoor events - in the garden, on the lawn in the park, on the summer terrace of a restaurant, or even in a clearing in the forest. Renting equipment for events and the required number of poufs - that's all, in fact, what is needed to organize an open-air concert, summer film screening or other cultural event.

And for sure, bag poufs will come in handy for picnics, barbecues or food courts in the park. This is much better than ordinary garden furniture - portable plastic chairs are much less comfortable and less aesthetic. And it always makes sense to offer puffs to guests, rather than forcing them to sit on mats on the lawn: for some, such a “beach” option will be interesting, but for someone it will be inconvenient or cold to sit on the ground. And the puffs look much more beautiful and neat than the rugs scattered on the lawn.

Rental of props for events sometimes allows you to turn any “four walls” into an interesting location. Poufs can be put virtually anywhere, in any empty room - and hold even an informal corporate party, even a children's party, even a performance show, even a movie night ... These items create a special atmosphere - friendly ease, almost home comfort. And even if there are a lot of guests, and the room is large, a party with bean bags begins to be perceived as a sincere apartment house.

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Renting chairs or renting poufs?

When the rental of decor and furniture is discussed, a choice may arise between ordinary chairs and ottomans. The main criterion for making a decision is the degree of solemnity, severity, and formality of the event. Chairs are needed for conferences, lecture halls, seminars, as well as for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Also chairs will be required where people will sit at tables - that is, at banquets.

But the beanbag chairs are accessories for informal events, where the guests are not required to "cultural" sitting. At such events, people generally move freely - sit down to rest, get up, come back and sit on another "bag", they can sit together or three on the same pouf, etc. This can happen at concerts and performances, at corporate parties, at children's and adult birthdays, etc.

Accessory rentals for your party can include chairs and poufs. For example, chairs, the number of which exactly corresponds to the number of guests, are placed at the banquet table, and some poufs are placed on the lawn in the courtyard of the house or on the summer terrace of the restaurant. Accordingly, this is how two different zones are formed, where different actions take place at the same event - simultaneously or sequentially. Therefore, poufs are excellent additional accessories for a wedding, for a family celebration, for a concert or film screening.

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