Glowing garlands: add magic to the atmosphere of your event!

Garlands are associated with something festive and at the same time - very cozy, homely, cute. Holiday decor rental from Pro100 Event Agency is an opportunity to decorate the location for your event with stylish modern electric garlands at any time of the year.

Decor rental: garlands are suitable for weddings and other events

There is a stereotypical opinion that luminous decor and accessories are appropriate only for winter holidays. Of course, this is partly true - with the help of electric garlands, you can wonderfully decorate a room or a street location for celebrating the New Year or, for example, for a Christmas corporate party. But on other holidays, garlands are also appropriate. They can be wonderful to decorate living shrubs and trees, window and doorways, walls and mirrors, they are appropriate in interiors of different styles - from loft to retro.

Garlands are wonderful accessories for a wedding: they complement floral decorations and various photo zones, they are used to decorate a wedding arch and even festive tables.

Holiday decor rental: garlands in the interior

Rental of props for events will help you decorate the premises for celebrating an anniversary or children's birthday, for a New Year's party or a wedding banquet. And garlands are also appropriate for creating a cozy atmosphere at chamber creative events: concerts, home parties, etc.

In a hall or room, electric garlands are not only an eye-catching detail, but also an additional source of lighting. Therefore, they are positioned so as to focus on certain parts of the room - for example, the newlyweds' table, stage or place for a performance, etc.

But sometimes, on the contrary, it is important for organizers that guests disperse and find many different attractive corners for themselves - for example, at a cocktail party or a party in a cottage. Then the garlands can be everywhere, and even instead of the main lighting - dancing, listening to live music, talking with glasses in hands, etc. can take place in the chamber twilight.

The advantage of modern electric garlands is that they are completely fireproof due to the fact that each light bulb is enclosed in a decorative element that excludes its contact with surrounding objects. When turned on, the lights in the garlands do not heat up and cannot ignite flammable materials. This means that these accessories can be used to decorate curtains on windows, tablecloths on tables, fabric or paper draperies for photo zones, living and artificial Christmas trees, wooden or plastic walls, etc. And if you rent garlands for a photoset, the model will be able to hold them in her hands without risking getting burned or damaging clothes and other props of the photo studio.

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Rent of accessories for your holiday: garlands on the summer playground

Renting decor and furniture is a way to turn a backyard area or a summer restaurant area into a beautiful venue for your event. Where can the electric garlands be located there?

For example, they can be fixed on living trees and bushes - and it will look equally impressive both in winter, when there are no leaves on the branches, and in summer, when the lights of the garlands are partially hidden in the foliage. They also decorate the corners for photography - and specially mounted photo zones with a photo background, and just pretty places at the location. For example, beautiful gazebos, swings, benches with a canopy of climbing plants, etc.

Considering that not everywhere on street sites there are enough sockets to connect a large number of electrical appliances to the network, we can offer you garlands that do not need to be connected and run on autonomous batteries. They can be placed anywhere - in a garden, in a park, even in a “wild” location for a picnic - after all, it is quite possible to arrange a holiday for rent on the road. And renting equipment for events allows you to think through other technical issues - for example, good sound, directional lighting, etc.

Also Pro100 Event can offer other options for decorative lighting - for example, we have electronic candles for rent, rent of retro garlands and rent of candles in vases.

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