The red carpet at your event is like a celebrity!

Holiday decor rental in many cases should include a red carpet. She is a key, maximum attention-grabbing and very symbolic item in the design of the location for the event. And there are quite a few events where you cannot do without it.

Red carpet for rent: where and for what event is it worth laying it?

When it comes to the red carpet, which one do you represent first? Surely some kind of festival or awards ceremony, with lavishly dressed celebrities and paparazzi lens flares. But if you are arranging a holiday for rent in Kharkov, then these associations can be realized - at least, renting a decor for a holiday from Pro100 Event Agency will provide you with the red carpet.

Awards, festivals, large-scale openings of exhibitions, meetings of delegations, etc. - all these are reasons to lay the red carpet where the solemn meeting of the honored guests will take place. Sometimes the path covers the space literally from the place where guests exit the car to the porch of the building, sometimes the porch itself or the area in front of the facade. And sometimes, if the weather or other circumstances are not favorable for solemn welcoming events outside the building, the path is laid inside - in the foyer, in the hall from the front door, or even directly on the stage.

The rental of props for events is often used at graduation parties. But the graduates will be extremely pleased to feel like “stars of the evening” on the red carpet! On it, young men, girls and their teachers will be able to reach the place of celebration, from a taxi to the entrance to a restaurant, or go to the stage for the moment of presenting a certificate or diploma.

Renting accessories for your event and the red carpet, among them, will allow you to get spectacular photos - every guest will surely be happy to be photographed “like a celebrity”.

Red carpet at the wedding

Wedding decor rentals don't always include a red carpet. But experienced wedding organizers are sure that this item is always a great accent and carries a special meaning - so it's worth taking care of its availability.

The moment when you need a track is an exit ceremony. The path is spread from a certain "backstage" towards the wedding arch or other decorative element, near which the painting procedure will take place. The newlyweds, their parents, friends and other guests of honor, involved in the scenario of the ceremonial part of the event, pass along the path. Since the exit ceremony is often held outdoors, chairs are placed on either side of the walkway. And the rental of chairs here comes in handy - not everywhere they are in place in the right quantity, and it is not always convenient to take them out into the open area.

But in the banquet hall, the red carpet is just as appropriate as renting decor and furniture in case of lack of it. It is laid in the direction from the main entrance to the hall to the table of the newlyweds, and tables for guests are usually placed on the sides along it.

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Decor and accessories to complement the red carpet

The carpet runner can be laid on its own and its purpose has already been fulfilled. But it is often supplemented with various decorative or purely functional accessories. As a standard, stands are placed along the carpet path, which serve as a conditional fence - to symbolically separate the path itself and the people walking along it from the spectators present. Sometimes these posts are just metal supports with jumpers. But sometimes these wedding accessories look like intricate designs, decorated with artificial flowers and draperies.

If the red carpet is placed on the stairs, then it is worth making sure that the fixing rods are in place. These are metal slats that are placed on the steps so that the path does not wrinkle, does not change position and does not pose a risk to people walking on it.

The backlighting of the red carpet looks very impressive in the evening. For example, rental electronic candles can be an interesting element of its lighting decor, being installed along the path itself or on decorative racks. And the rental of equipment for events will allow you to organize the necessary directional lighting of the path and the space next to it.

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